How many sq feet in a bundel of roofing shingles .?

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i would like to reroof my tool shed that measures 12x12 total roof. how many bundels of shingles will it take. thank you
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Depending on the type of shingle, you usually have three bundles to one square (100 sq. ft.). So each bundle covers about 33 sq. ft. 12x12=144 sq. ft, so you want 5 bundles of shingles. This will give you extra for ridge cap and future repairs.
Thats for a regular 3 tab asphalt shingle. If you use architectural shingles, they come four bundles to the square, each bundle covering approximately 25 sq. ft., so if you use architectural, you'd want at least 6 bundles, but I'd get 7 to account for waste and future repairs.
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