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Yankees or Red Sox? Why?

i go REd Sox all the way. Yankees have gone downhill and red sox are up! WHOS WITH ME?! Yankees are on drugs!!! GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Red Sox. Yankees budget should be tested for steroids. They're like a spoiled rich girl. "

LOL! im with ya.

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    THe REd SOx, because the Yankees suck.

    A little boy moves from Boston to NYC, and on his first day, his new teacher asks him if he is a Yankees fan or a Red Sox fan. The boy answers, "Well, my dad is a red Sox fan, my mom is a REd sox fan, so that makes me a Red Sox fan, too."

    The teacher responds, "Well! If your father was an idiot, and your mother was a moron, what would that make you?".

    The boy smiles and replies, "A Yankees fan!".


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    Red Sox. Yankees budget should be tested for steroids. They're like a spoiled rich girl.

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    im a huge yankee fan and im behind them all the way through all the bashing and all the steroid talk. but honestly the past two years thats including the current season, the redsox have picked it up. im sad to say that the yankees are going down hill because while the yanks may have a better team on paper, they dont work as a team it seems like they have in previous years like their 1996-2000 run. all that talk about the curse really annoys me because the sox just havent had a team that has all the components it takes to win a w.s. until 2004,,, so i tip my hat to the sox but i will always be a yank fan no matter what because it gives me pride to know that when people think of n.y. they think of the empire state building and the n.y. yankees.

    p.s. we'll see you guys in the ALCS

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    Without the yankees Derek Jeter and all the other stars the yankees are ahead in the standings and the yankees have beaten the boston red sox in two games straight beating them by an average of 5 runs. yankeese rule!

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    I am with you all the way. The Yankees have an average at best pitching staff and rely on Mussina and Johnson for victories. Both are on their way out. Defensively they leave much to be desired. The Red Sox, on the other hand, have a great starting pitching rotation and are the best in the league defensively!!

    Go SOX!!

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    The Yankees are way better than the Sox. If this is downhill than I don't know what the Red Sox are because the're behind them in the standings

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    God, crimson Sox perpetually. I are dwelling in Mass. And i'm a die-complicated purple Sox fan and Yankees-hater, had been on the grounds that the truth that I used to be nine (i'm sixteen now.) i'm completely satisfied to see there could also be additional thumbs-up for folks who recounted crimson Sox!!!!!!

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    Go Yankees. You dumb red sox fans out there just dont get it do ya. If you guys knew how to count you would probably change your mind and you know what im talkin bout to

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    Red Sox! the yankees are rebuilding!

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    I would love to say that I am a HUGE Sox fan. The way that they swept through the series was awesome!! I think that they have a great chance to do it again this year . Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were talking about the World Champion White Sox.

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