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Did any current NFL team owners ever play or coach in the NFL?

It seems like a lot of owners are heavily involved in the coaching aspects of their teams these days, did any of them ever even play, or even coach, in the NFL. I know a few played in college, but that does not qualify them as an expert in pro football.

Personally, I think the owners should stay in their luxury boxes and leave the coaching to the people they hired to coach the team and stay off the side line.

What do you think?

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    Al Davis coached the Raiders from 1963 to 1966 before becoming their owner. Not sure if other owners have been players and/or coaches.

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    Well most of the owners are becoming companies. They are becoming "active" in decisions so they can make more money.I would almost guarntee Al Davis was the only one who played. The Steelers, owned ny the Rooney family, isn't ever seen as cative in the coaching choices but hey at least they scout players. After all the scout who found Willie Parker was Art Rooney II.

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    I'd take the 1st group. Brady would make T.O. and Tony Gonzalez look like they're in they're in their prime and Chris Johnson would explode with all of his new running room that Brady would provide. The 2nd group wouldn't last in today's NFL. viphockey4: I saw them all play. But given Brady's knack for taking average receivers and making them look great, I think he could make T.O. and T.G. look just as good if not better than Rice and Winslow. As far as Barry Sanders is concerned, he was way too inconsistent. Yeah he would have great runs for like 15 or 20 yards, but then he would lose 8 yards because he's too busy dancing around and trying to make something happen. I respect your opinion though, you make very good points.

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    al davis coached the raiders. He was also the comissioner of the AFL before they merged with the NFL.

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    Yes, alot of them or a few did. Not exactly sure who, though.Yeah they should saty up there. Thats why they hire the coach to "coach".

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    probably right

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