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rainbow_freak13 asked in PetsDogs · 2 decades ago

I live in Virginia and was wondering if there was any places online to post classified ads for free?

I have to sell my dog because we are moving soon and we cannot take him with us. I tried the paper first, but it costs way too much. I was wondering if there was a place that I could advertise him online that people would actually see. I have tried and haven't had any luck. I know some places have their own classifieds for the area (I use to live in Rolla, MO and they have a site and it has a classifed section you can advertise in for free). I need something for the Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg area. Does anyone know of a good place to advertise online?

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  • 2 decades ago
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    Why not stand in front of the grocery store, with your dog on a leash.

    You can talk to people that seem interested. If you like one of the prospective owners, get their name and phone number and arrange for a home visit, so the dog can take a look at it's prospective new home.

    I am wondering why you cannot take your dog. Several years ago we moved more than 1600 miles...with a dog, horse, several cats, and a tank of fish.

    Everybody made it safe and sound. It was a great adventure. My kids loved it. The hubby drove the big U-Haul and I drove a van pulling a horse trailer. Fun, Fun Fun!

  • 2 decades ago

    Pet Find.Com is a good one. I have a little female chihuahua in a Pet Photo Contest at You can list there also. Go to the address , click on Pet Photo Contest and scroll down to pictures. She is first pictured. (Anna Maria) While you are there, please vote for her. The contest runs the month of June 2006. Check out the site for advertising your pet.

    What kind of dog is it? Where do you live? If you find a buyer, you may have to fly (ship) the dog to new buyer. Please go Vote

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    You can post an ad on petfinders for free but they ask that you specify an amount of money for the animal...they do not allow "free to good home"

  • 2 decades ago

    post on

    I believe it is free and anyone can use it.

    Good luck with the move and I am so sorry about your dog!

    Source(s): personal experience
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  • 2 decades ago

    Try putting up 3x5 cards at your local vets, shelters and pet stores.

  • 2 decades ago

    try They have classfied ads for dozens of cities around the country.

  • 2 decades ago

    Go to

  • 2 decades ago

    I don't know of any places!

  • 2 decades ago

    sorry i can't!

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