i need help im having a debate on euthanasia(to want death because of pain ect)and i need some things to say?

my group is against euthanasia(why people shouldnt be euthanized) and we are having difficulties with what to say. we are having a debate and i need some good things to say why people shouldnt be euthanized it is very important that we come up with some good things to say and i also have to think about what they would say back to me. we talked about a few cases how people was going through unbarable pain because of aids and other sicknesses. and they may through something in our face about why people should be euthanized beause they cant deal with the pain

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    If you can choose to die because you are in pain, then why can't I get the court to have you killed because I say you are in pain. What if you are deaf, should you be killed? What if you were born blind?

    It's legal to kill your child, even if it isn't in any pain. Why not kill your grandfather too? He's a burden on the state collecting that social security isn't he? He's only got a few years left anyway, and he has trouble walking right? SURELY HE MUST BE IN PAIN. Will the judge agree?

    You broke your ribs playing football and you have no insurance? It might be your time to go! No officer, I didn't murder him. He was in pain and he wanted it to end.

    When he received her divorce papers, he said he wished he was dead. There were three witnesses present, so she ran him over with his truck.

    One thing can and will lead to another...

    Euthanasia doesn't need to be legal. If you do it to yourself, then what are they going to do, prosecute your body? If it were legal, the court could decide who it could be done to. I don't know about you, but I don't want the court making a decision like that for me.

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    Euthanasia is meant to end the suffering of people who can no longer bear the pain of their illness. The person is supposed to be able to make this decision on his own. Once euthanasia is legal, how much further will it go? What if a person is not his own guardian? Let's say a person is not competent to make his own decisions and has a legal guardian. What if the guardian makes the decision to allow euthanasia for this individual?

    Some who are elderly, or have incurable ailments could be pressured by their families to opt for euthanasia especially if insurance is not covering the cost of care.

    What about suicide of depressed persons? They are suffering mentally, and may feel that life is no longer bearable.

    People who are developmentally delayed, have profound physical disabilities, etc, can they be euthanized? After all who would want to live like that? Should a newborn who is deformed be denied care, even nutrition, and allowed to die?

    These are arguments against euthanasia because they show how far things could go.

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    first, I think you need to draw a clear distinction between euthanasia and assisted suicide. This distinction will allow you to more clearly see the moral and ethical issues involved in euthanasia.

    Euthanasia is the killing of a human being by another human being for what are claimed to be "humnae" reasons. Here are the issues:

    1. Should any person ever be killed by another human being other that in self defense?

    2. Is this the same or similar to all of the ethical problems involved in abortion?

    There is a difference here in that it is clear that the issue involved in abortion, as to whether or not a fetus is a human being in a scientific, moral or ethical sense,is not present in the euthanasia problem, but it still raises the question of the morality of human beings killing anyone other than in self defense or the protection of other human being.

    3.Should the state ( the government, the law) be involved and if so, to what extent.

    4. Who is to decide that euthanasia should be performed? The person who is to die?

    What if that person is unconscious? Should a doctor decide? Should a psychologist decide? How about the person's family (who stand to benefit greatly by inheritance)? How about the spouse (who was just about to divorce the person to be killed and will get everything)? What if the person is conscious but severly depressed and doctors believe that the depression is contributing to the excessive pain.

    5. Who are we to kill? Only those who "volunteer" So if we are going to kill very depressed people, how about other people with mental probrlems? Manic-Depressives? Schizophrenics? How about our aged population who sometimes feel that they have become a burden on their adult children? Well why not everyone over age 70 or 75 so we can save all of the cost of their retirement pensions and health care? Won't they be better off if they are so unhappy now?

    Also don'f forget all of those pesky ungodly people who do not believe the same way "we" do, either politically or religiously? You see where this is going don't you.

    Well maybe we can just restrict it to only those who "volunteer". Yes. maybe, but once started, can we stop it? And can we be sure there are no ulterior motives? will it become financiall induced? will it become politically motivated? Does the Biblical admonishion: "Thou shalt not kill" mean anything today?

    Assisted suicide however is a little different; although some of the same ethical considertions are involved. But assisted suicide is not the killing of a human being by another human being, but rather, it is the assisting a person to take his or her own life ithout the risk of failue that coulld cause even greater disability and ongoing pain.

    The state of Oregon, USA, has had assisted suicide legislation on the books for several years now and it continues in use. I do not know how many persons have taken advantage of the law but I believe it is betwen one and two hundred.

    the issue here is whether assisting someone in killing him or herself is really the same as euthanasia. Oregonians and those who support assisted suicide say it is not. Others, who are opposed to all suicide, as well as euthanasia, say it is the same and that it has all of the same issues. What do you think?

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    Euthanasia is a philosophy of prejudice.

    When a healthy, non-disabled person says, "I'm suffering, I want to die," we treat them for depression. We give them pain pills and medical treatments if they need it. We help them to live because their lives are valued.

    When a disabled person, an elderly person, or a gravely ill person says "I'm suffering, I want to die," the pro-euthanasia crowd says it is 'merciful' to give them a poison shot or to starve/dehydrate them to death. But just who is being shown mercy? When some one says 'I want to die', they are hoping to hear 'No, I love you too much to lose you before I have to.' Not, 'Here, take this pill, I'm getting sick of you already.

    Of course, many euthanasia victims today never asked to die, some, like Terri Schiavo, had a religious faith that was against euthanasia. Others, like the many Down's Syndrome babies who are denied life saving treatment, aren't able to say whether they want to live or not.

    Historically, the euthanasia movement has been a part of the eugenics movement, seeking to do away with the 'unfit' and deformed. It's changed its language, speaking of mercy because Hitler's euthanasia program gave the whole idea of killing the disabled and ill a bad name. But it still shows the same biases to this day.

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    We all experience pain in our lives; childbirth is said to be the closest to death one will ever come to without deaths release. Would you kill a woman in labor or a child with a crippling disease. No, because it would be barbaric, the same goes for the elderly or even the maimed. Here are some words of a great author I have always cherished to get me through times of great need." I never saw a wild thing fill sorry for itself, a bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever filling sorry for itself." someone wanting to take the easy way out is just pitting themselves and running to an end that I am not certain they will want after they get there.

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    You picked the loosing end of the argument. Typically, those that oppose euthanasia can only do it successfully on religious grounds. "My religion says it's wrong so it shouldn't be allowed." Of course at this point those arguing against it are also trying to shove their religious beliefs down someones throat. If that person happens to be on his/her last legs, dying in excruciating pain, a religious argument against euthanasia becomes trivial and baseless not to mention overtly selfish.

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    I think it is a pretty SERIOUS ISSUE, and sometimes all we do is talk about these issues rather than actually feeling about the real thing or person.

    no im not critisizing but tell me something... Imagine for a while the person you LOVE MOST in your life,the one you simply cant Survive without, Is laying on a hospital bed trembling with pain and the doctors tell you theirs NO CURE , WHAT WILL YOU DO ?

    Its easy to say wats right & wats wrong for someone else but we forget ourselves would we want or say the same about our own selves or our loved ones.

    Yes maybe in Religion it is wrong to ACT GOD but than again If GOD wanted them to LIVE he would have showed us a WAY TO CURE THEM TOO! Dont you think so?

    Maybe if you put your hand on your heart & realy feel for these people than maybe You Will Think About QUITTING This Group....

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    people in physical pain should not be so selfish as to kill themselves but should continue to agonize and allow medical science to experiment on them with new medications to combat pain. These pain-suffering soldiers would aid science to discover pain killers to help themselves and others. I am sure after they are pain free they would a relief they did not chose euthanasia.

  • If you are having a hard time coming up with arguments against, maybe you are on the wrong side of the debate??!!

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