Name as many X-Men...?

Name as many X-Men characters as you can and their abilities/powers.


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    Professor X, Telepath

    Magneto, Yes he's been an X-man in the comics! Magnatism

    Quicksilver, Super speed Magneto's son

    Scarlet witch, hex bolts, Magneto's daughter

    Xorn: Being Magneto? Healing? Having a cool helmet?

    Wolverine, Regeneration, claws

    Jamie Maddrox: The multiple man

    Juggernaut: Not a mutant, Professor X's BROTHER, Teaches at the school.... Only non-mutant X-man?

    Summers Family:

    Cyclops, Eye beams

    Havok, cosmic zap.

    Jean Grey/summer, Changed 2 or 3 times mind stuff

    Madelyn pryor, Evil Jean Grey Clone

    Rachael Summers, Like mom like daughter, Mind stuff

    Cabel: Generaly dangerous.. weak TK

    Polaris, magantism

    Banshee: Sonic scream

    Siren: Sonic scream

    Mimic: Copies other powers

    Leech: Negates others powers, should have been green in the movie

    Artie: Large pink head creates illusions

    Psylocke: Telepath dies a lot

    White queen: Telepath, doesn't die enough

    Blue people:

    Beast, Strong, agile, blue

    Night crawler, agile, teleports, also Blue!

    Mistique, (works for Prof X, guess that qualifies) Shape changer.. Blue...

    Maggot, 2 grubs come out of his intestines. Blue

    (Is being blue the single most popular X-Man power?)

    Angel, flies

    Storm, Controls the weather

    Forge: Inventor, best love intrest storm ever had.

    Iceman, Ice!

    Colossus, organic steel body

    Kitty Pride, intangible

    Rogue, Absorb other peoples powers

    Gambit, energize objects, being Cajun

    Bishop, absorb energy

    Longshot, Lucky

    Dazzler, Converts light and sound

    Jubilee, Fireworks, kinda boring

    Morph, Shapechanger Xman in animated series/Exiles

    Lifeguard, generally being lame, powers change to situation

    Lifeguards brother, teleports, also lame. (Hence I forget name)

    Gateway, teleports, cool (Thus I remember name)

    Sam Gunthrie, Invulnerable flier

    Paige Guthrie, Shape changer, Takes her skin off

    Blink, teleports

    Illyana rasputin, teleports, rules limbo

    Sabertooth, regenerates, much cooler when not evil.

    Northstar: Fast.. gay.. dead

    Thunderbird: Strong Indian Dead

    Dougramsey, translator, Dead

    Warlock, alien shape changer Dead?

    Sunspot, strong

    strong guy, strong

    Magma, controls volcanoes

    Danni Moonstar, creates illusions, Valkrie

    Xian, Mind control

    Wolfsbane, wewefolf

    Feral, less cool werewolf

    Thats about all I can remember... Undoubtedly Misisng a LOT.

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    Wolverine has knives that come out of his fingers

    Cyclops/ Scott shoots lasers from his eyes

    Jean Grey is psychic

    Dr. Xavier is also psychic

    Rogue sucks the life from people simply by touch

    Storm can control the weather

    Ice Man makes ice

    Firestar makes fire

    Beast has super strength

    Nightcrawler can "teleport" and go through walls

    Pyro makes fire too (eventually he converts to the Dark Side)

    Gambit - has like "chinese stars" but they are playing cards

    Spiderman- super strength plus webbing (he wa only with the X-men for a while, then he went back on his own)

    Source(s): My Brain. It was smokin'.
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    Prof. X- Extraordinary mental powers

    Jane Grey- Telepathy, Telekinesis, and in Phoenix form is a God like creature.

    Cyclops- he emits a single laser from his eyes

    Wolverine- Healing powers his body covering of metal was done to him and is not a mutant power.

    Rogue- ability to rob another mutant of their powers, fly

    Storm- Controls weather, flys

    Gambit- Can create explosives fro inanimate objects.

    Beast- animal like body, extraordinary intelligence

    Jubilee- creates a distracting array of lights

    Iceman- Controls the formation of ice

    Magneto- Controls magnetism

    Saber-tooth- Extremely strong and animal like

    Mystique- Chameleon like in nature

    Apocalypse- Lives eternally, grows to enormous size & power

    Pyro- controls fire

    Toad- long tongue, leaps an enormous distance

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    I live the name, but more as a nickname. What about Rowan instead? I'd rate the name as a 6-10 as a full name and 10/10 as a nickname.

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    ice man: Can turn things into ice

    Wolverine: has regenerative powers/implanted claws

    Rouge: power to drain life of mutants & humans

    Juggernaut: Super strength/impervious to attacks

    Magneto: power to manipulate metal

    Storm: can control the weather

    Jean Grey: is telakenetik/ mind reader

    Pyro: can manipulate fire

    Archangel: can fly with wings on back

    Cyclops: has super destructive rays from his eyes

    Professor X: control people/telekenetik/mind reader

    Mystiuqe: can change physical appearence at will

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    * Iceman - The ability to lower the temperature of water molecules, both in the air and in liquid form, to condense them into ice crystal form

    * Professor Xavier - Telepathy The ability to, in its base definition, mentally perceive the emotions or thoughts of others; commonly regarded as 'mind reading'

    * Jean Gray - Telekinesis The ability to manipulate matter through force of will alone, without application of physical force; an ability commonly seen to be used to move solid objects, or to move oneself (as a kind of levitation). Telepathy The ability to, in its base definition, mentally perceive the emotions or thoughts of others; commonly regarded as 'mind reading'. Precognition The ability to mentally see future events, through unknown means; sometimes known as 'premonitions' or 'seeing the future'

    * Pyro - Pyrokinesis A term used by parapsychologists to explain the mental ability to induce and/or control flame. Pyro has indicated that he is able only to manipulate flame, not to create it.

    * Rogue - Energy absorption The ability to absorb memories, mutant abilities and 'personas' of other people through physical (skin-to-skin) contact.

    * Storm - Weather control The ability to affect localized weather patterns through sheer force of will; Ororo has used this ability to summon any change to the weather within a certain distance, including direction of certain elements (lightning, tornadoes) to be used as specific attack mechanisms

    * Mystique - Metamorphosis The ability to manipulate the molecules of one's own body, allowing for the alteration of physical traits such as skin, hair or eye color, vocal patterns, height, weight, gender and more.

    Source(s): *Me*
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    Wolverine, Firestar, Xavier, Storm, Magneto, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Rogue. I am sure that there are more, but this is all that I can remember.

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    The only one that matters is Kitty Pryde\Shadowcat - can go through walls or morph through objects.

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    Dopy (stupid power?), Sneezy(sneezing power), Bashful (shy power), Grumpy(anger power), Sleepy(sleep power?), Happy (happy power), and Doc(smart power). That's all of them, right?

  • 5 years ago

    wolverine,Xaiver,Jean,cyclops,Rogue,Phoenix,Mystique,Toad,Banshee,Beast,angel,angel,Archangle,sinister,Apocalyspe,X-23, Storm,Magneto,shadowcat,Magik,Magma,Quicksilver,scarletWitch,dazzler,Wolfsbane,Boom-Boom,Cannonball,sunspot,berserker,Morlocks,Deathstrike,Juggernaut,Cable,Morph,Gambit,Psylocke,colloususs,deadpool,White witch,Sabastian shaw,Pixie,nightcrawler,Pyro,Iceman,Ms.Marvel,Mimic,saberTooth,Jubilee,Firestar,Spiderman,Northstar,Moonstar,longshot,Polaris,Havok,siren,Leech,Maydelyne Pyror,RG,Forge,Other Magneto,Blink,Bishop,Multiple Man,callissto,Domino,Moira Mactaggert,Agent Zero,Blob,Avalanche,SilverFox,Rave.

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