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早在1906年,Guccio Gucci即以他的名字開始製作優良的皮件








1994年,Gucci正式合併為Gucci Group NV,並提拔原女裝設計師Tom Ford為全系列商


1995年,Mr.Domenico De Sole被任命為Gucci的新總裁

至今,季復一季,Gucci仍是許多人所鍾情不已的品牌,Tom Ford無與倫比的創意與行


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    The Gucci history origins invites in 19 centuries a last phase very earlyAs early as in 1906, the Guccio Gucci starts manufacturing a good skin piece by his name namelyIn 1937, the Gucci appears Ma3 Xian2 Lian4 who come from Ma3 Xian2 and stirrup to design for the very first time. In 50's, at first for fix the saddle use of keep grain canvas sash to be applied in the accessories to decorate, and register for the trademark, and well-knownOf double G wood grain also at same period design come out; In 1967, the Gucci announces stamp-tax silk kerchief, let the Gucci development tend at the maturity, connecting first lady 賈 , the 姬s all don't want to put it away. In mid 50's, the Gucci acrosses the foot oversea market, the mold mold extends gradually, but contends for due to the family ownership of a share, making threatening force pursueFall gradually,Until is just invested group Investcorp by the United States to obtain all shares in 90's, become executive. In 1994, the Gucci merges for the Gucci Group formally NV, and promote original Tom Ford of the couture teacher as whole series businessArticle creativity directorIn 1995, Mr.Domenico De the Sole be appointed for the Gucci new chief executive officerUp to now, season 復 quarterly, the Gucci is still the brand that many people don't already fall in love, the incomparable creativity and line of the Tom FordSell a way, doubtless is cross in the end of 90's with 21 centuries a the most shining of the initial stage star.  希望有幫到您的忙~~~

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