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英文好的來 不要翻譯機><把握時間 否則你將會後悔的英文怎翻




ps.考完試就只有這個想法= =所以想翻成英文....

翻譯機我也會用 所以請不要用翻譯機 謝謝!!

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    "Grasp at time, or if you'll be regretful." or "You will regret if you don't grasp at time."

    * grasp at 是片語,有攫取的意思 ex: He grasped at every opportunity.(他抓住每一個機會) take your time,比較不適合說把握時間吧...我舉例:

    A: I'm doing my homework right now. (我現在在寫作業)

    B: Take your time. (慢慢寫吧!) 或 (忙你的吧)之類的語氣

    還有,的確是用will表示後悔就可以了,後悔的動作是在"把握時間"這個動作的後面,那麼把握時間都用現在式,"將會"後悔當然要用will be regretful囉!

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    You won、t be regret if you take your time

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    If you don't take your time, you'll regret afterwards.

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    Take your time or you will be regret for it!!!

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