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Materials and Methods

Products tested

Twenty-one sample of various food products (Table

1), including 7 samples of cheese, 3 raw meat and fish

products, 5 ready-to-eat meat and chicken products, one

spice and one dried fruit mixture, obtained from retail

outlets, as well as wholesalers, were tested. All products

had been properly stored or refrigerated and tested before

their respective ’sell-by’ dates. One evaluated meat

sample was artificially inoculated.

Five presumptive positive Listeria monocytogenes colonies

from previously tested products similar to products

in Table 1 were also evaluated. These colonies were

taken from RAPID’L. mono (Biorad, France) plates. When

performing these tests, the colony served as a sample

and no food product was added.

API Listeria

Confirmation of Listeria species, i.e. L. monocytogenes

and L. ivanovii, by means of API Listeria (bioMérieux) was

performed according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Inoculum preparation

Inocula of the controls used in the PCR reaction, i.e.

L. monocytogenes UWC1 (positive control), L. ivanovii

UWC1 and Bacillus cereus UWC1 (negative controls), were

prepared by inoculation of a loopful of glycerol stock

culture into 5 mL of brain-heart infusion (BHI) broth (Oxoid

CM025) and incubated in a shaking incubator at 37

°C for 18–24 h.

Listeria monocytogenes presumptively positive colonies

on RAPID’L. mono agar, i.e. blue colonies, were

subcultured on nutrient agar (Oxoid CM1) and incubated

at 37 oC for 18–24 h. A loopful of this growth was

used to inoculate BHI broth.

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    21各式食物樣本(表一),包括起士7個樣本,3個生魚肉,5個煮熟的雞肉和一個乾燥的水果,由零售商取得. 在檢測之前所有的產品都適當的保存或冷凍.肉類的樣本都經人工接種菌苗.



    Api 李斯特菌己經確定的品系有李斯特單胞菌和L. ivanovi是根據API Listeria (bioMérieux)公司.


    , L. ivanovii UWC1和Bacillus cereus UWC1(陰性對照),使用loop接種在5ml的brain-heart infusion (BHI) broth (OxoidCM025)並振盪18-24小時37度.

    李斯特單胞菌 根據推定陽性菌種在RAPID’L. mono培養基,例如藍色的菌種,在營養培養基次培養(Oxoid CM1)在37度18-24小時.用loopfu接種在BHI broth.

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