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1. 有人可以為我介紹一下\"星爺傳奇的ㄧ生\"嗎???








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    Stephen Chow (traditional Chinese : 周星馳 ; simplified Chinese : 周星驰; Cantonese Romanization: Chow Sing Chi ; pinyin : Zhōu Xīngchí) (born June 22, 1962) is a highly popular Hong Kong actor and director, whose expertise in the comedic field has led him to be dubbed the king of comedy by the Hong Kong entertainment media.很抱歉!回答內容限 2000 個字之內


    Stephen Chow as Sing in Kung Fu Hustle"一個字 — 絕!" (One word — Excellent!) "你估我唔到!" (You can't figure me out!), from God of Cookery 食神 (1996) "你睇我唔到!" (You can't see me!), from God of Gambler II (1991) "Ladies and Gentlemen, 五條煙!" (Five cigarettes, also a homophone of 'Aces' in Cantonese), from God of Gambler II (1991) "波並唔係咁踢既" (This is not the way to play football!), from Shaolin Soccer (2001) "地球很危險,你快點回去火星吧" (Our Earth is dangerous, go back to Mars!), from Shaolin Soccer (2001) "曾經有一份至真嘅愛情放在我面前,我冇珍惜,等到失去嘅時候先後悔莫及,人世間最痛苦的事莫過於此,如果個天可以比多次機會我嘅話,我會對嗰個女孩子說三個字:我愛妳。如果一定要係依份愛上加一個期限,我希望是一萬年!" (There once was a true love presented before me; I didn't cherish it. Only upon losing that love did I feel great remorse. The worst pain in life is no more than this. If fate can grant me a second chance, I will say three words to her: "I love you." If there must be a time limit, I wish... ... 10,000 years!), from A Chinese Odyssy II-Cinderella(1994)http://www.torrentspy.com/search.asp?h=50F191869C9...

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