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Mary loses the parents from her childhood. Her identity is strong. Her uncle takes care of her. But uncle is deformed. Mary and her friend chance to find blocked garden. Mary and her friend plant plants in the garden. The garden is full of life in the spring. Her uncle detects their secret. Mary learns cry. Her uncle become a elastic man.




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    Mary "lost" (因為是過去式)her parents when she was a child. Therefore, she has strong charater. Her uncle has been taking care of her ever since she was young. (因為從小就..所以我推測現在還是) Mary and her friend once found a garden which was enclosed by her uncle by accident. ever since that, mary and her friend started to plant in the garden. The garden is so lively in spring. Her uncle found out this secret one day, and Mary learnt how to cry. 我不知道最後依據你想說的是什麼所以沒辦法幫你翻譯喔

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    uncle is defromed 叔叔變形了 @@? 也許你把中文PO出來我們再幫你改比較快 =.="

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