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高贈點 趕時間


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    I can only type English...but here is a good reference. You might try some English-Chinese translator to get Chinese version...Nuclear TechnologyNuclear weapons of various designs can release tremendous destructive power. Nuclear medicine is the application of nuclear technology to medicine. Nuclear power is the application of nuclear technology to generate power. This includes both large nuclear power plants and smaller, safer, nuclear batteries.Ionizing radiation is readily generated by radioactive decay. Nuclear technology is often used to construct gamma ray or neutron sources. A number of consumer items use nuclear technology: Smoke detectors often contain americium. Glowing watch dials and gunsights (now) often contain tritium. Nuclear Technology   EditNuclear engineeringNuclear physics | Nuclear fission | Nuclear fusion | Radiation | Ionizing radiation | Atomic nucleus | Nuclear reactor | Nuclear safetyNuclear materialNuclear fuel | Fertile material | Thorium | Uranium | Enriched uranium | Depleted uranium | PlutoniumNuclear powerNuclear power plant | Radioactive waste | Fusion power | Future energy development | Pressurized water reactor | Boiling water reactor | Generation IV reactor | Fast breeder reactor | Fast neutron reactor | Magnox reactor | Advanced gas-cooled reactor | Gas cooled fast reactor | Molten salt reactor | Liquid metal cooled reactor | Lead cooled fast reactor | Supercritical water reactor | Very high temperature reactor | Pebble bed reactor | Integral Fast Reactor | Nuclear propulsion | Nuclear thermal rocket | Radioisotope thermoelectric generatorNuclear medicinePET | Radiation therapy | Tomotherapy | Proton therapy | BrachytherapyNuclear weaponsHistory of nuclear weapons | Nuclear warfare | Nuclear arms race | Nuclear weapon design | Effects of nuclear explosions | Nuclear testing | Nuclear delivery | Nuclear proliferation | List of countries with nuclear weapons | List of nuclear tests

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