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  • 1 decade ago
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    Superwomanby BabyfaceAlbum: unknownGenre: unknown


    Album: Waiting To Exhale: Original Soundtrack Albumby BabyfaceList price: $13.98Discount price: $12.98Used and new price from: $1.90Click here to buy Written by l.a. reid, babyface, daryl simmons (1988)Performed by karyn whiteEarly in the morning I put breakfast at your tableAnd make sure that your coffee has it's sugar and creamYour eggs are over easy, your toast done lightlyAll that's missing is your morning kiss that used to greet meNow you say your juice is sour, it used to be so sweetAnd I can't help but to wonder if you're talking about meWe don't talk the way we used to talk, it's hurting me so deepI got my pride, I will not cryBut it's making me weakI'm not your superwomanI'm not the kind of girl that you can let downAnd think that everythings okBoy I am only humanThis girl needs more than occasionalHugs as a token of love from you to meI fought my way through the rush hour trying to make it home just for youI want to make sure that your dinner will be waiting for youBut when you get there you just tell me you're not hungry at allYou said you'd rather read the paper and you don't want to talkYou're like to think that I'm just crazy when I say that you've changedI'm convinced I know the problem, you don't love me the sameYou're just going through the motions and you're not being fairI got my pride, I will not cryStill I can't help but careHook 2 timesOoh baby, look into the corner of your mindI'll always be there for you through good and bad timesBut I can't be that superwoman that you want me to beI give my everlasting love if you return love to meHookIf you feel it in your heart and you understand me stop right where you are, everybody sing along with meI'm the kind of girl that can treat you so sweetBut you got to realize that you've got to be sweeter to meI need love, I need trust, your loveHook都有專輯封面跟歌詞哩!那應該就是有唱過啦!

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  • 1 decade ago

    waiting for exhale這張電影原聲帶並沒有superwoman這首歌



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  • 1 decade ago

    Written by l.a. reid, babyface, daryl simmons (1988)

    Performed by karyn white

    有看到嗎?回答者PO的~也是karyn white唱的,在這張waiting for exhale(等待夢醒時分的原聲帶)中,這張專輯是babyface製作,這首歌是babyface寫的,他沒唱過!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago



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