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    The branch water and geothermol power lie in big fellow villager's branch water small stream grain on the southern side in the branch water village. Green hill in addition, geothermol power at a distance squirt and curl upwards the white smoke , form a piece of rather moving native soil conditions and customs to draw. Geothermol power and fountainhead are risen from by underground , the water yield is very abundant , belong to the soda spring, the spring is up to 95 degrees Centigrade warmly, the spring quality is a little yellow and has sulfur smoke, present and roll to make room the form . Only because the spring is warm and too high, and unsuitable to take a shower, but the best energy that visitors boiled eggs and picniced of vacation. In 1976, Petroleum Company of the People's Republic of China Company prospected in this well drilling, found that near hot spring that contained the abundant geothermol power , have industry's value very much, set about research and development, in 1981 at last, succeed in finishing the first geothermal power plant of Taiwan, develop and write the new milestone for geothermol power . Another visit at branch water small stream,it have sites of signs of human habitation the fresh to crossdrift barranca. Following the branch water and small stream and valley, paddle into the mountain, the scenery is grand and magnificent on the way, in addition, rock rock ring all around watch, limpid to see dark pool of bottom to form many places, is it call heaven on earth to may. The traffic will be improving slightly in the future, can replace the military hole position , become the best destination that plays with water and relieves summer heat in cool summer , it is one beauty spot that has travel potentiality very much.

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    The clear water subterranean heat is located the clear water river valley of the big same village clear water village south side in.The green mountain of the distant place pluses curling up in the air and white smoke of the subterranean heat jet, constituting a very moving agrestic romantic feeling painting.The subterranean heat source is come out by the underground, the water quantity is very plentiful, belonging to alkaline spring, the spring is up to 95 °C, the spring quality tiny Huang and bring the sulphur flavor slightly, present an ebullition form.Lead because of the spring however high, and isn't suitable for a bathing, but is a day off a visitor the best energy of the boiled egg picnic.

    In 1976, the Chinese Petroleum Corp. company prospected in this artesian well, finding the hot springs neighborhood contained abundant subterranean heat, having the industry value very much, beginning the research development work then, completing the first subterranean heat power plant in Taiwan successfully in 1981 finally, setting up new milestone for the subterranean heat development.

    Another in the clear water river upper stream, the stone a canyon had fresh a signs of human being to go to.Follow the clear water river valley, wade across water into the mountain, the along the road scenery male is strange and magnificent, plusing the on all sides rock wreath 伺 , becoming many pure see bottom of deep pond, may call the human life fairyland.The transportation condition adds an improvement slightly from now on, then a 武荖 pit position, become the best whereabouts that the hot summer drama water relieves summer heats, is a have a beauty spot of traveling the potential very much.

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