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請問 在風機規格的 AMCA 是哪一種標準

AMCA 是啥意思阿

是 標準 還是測試方法呢?

是台灣的 還是國際的

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    AMCA 是 國際送風機測試標準

    他是用來規範 送風機的測試方法的

    在台灣 有AMCA 認證的實驗室 只有工研院的能環所而已

    他是目前世界上 送風機的最高標準規範

    The Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc. is a not-for-profit international association of the world's manufacturers of related air system equipment - primarily, but not limited to: fans, louvers, dampers, air curtains, airflow measurement stations, acoustic attenuators, and other air system components for the industrial, commercial and residential markets.


    AMCA International, backed by almost 80 years of standards development, is the world's leading authority in the development of the science and art of engineering as relates to air movement and air control devices. AMCA International publishes and distributes standards, references, and application manuals for specifiers, engineers, and others with an interest in air systems to use in the selection, evaluation, and troubleshooting of air system components. Many of AMCA International's standards are accepted as American National Standards. A description of AMCA International's publications is contained in the Publications Catalogue.

    AMCA International, with member companies and laboratories in many industrialized countries around the world, is active on the technical committees of the International Standards Organization (ISO), and participates in the development of international standards for the industry.


    Here is a complete guide in Abobe PDF format for you to find us and make your visit more enjoyable.

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    AMCA - 空氣運動和控制協會International Inc. 是一國際的沒有為盈利貿易協會服務產業和公眾自1917 年以來。

    AMCA's 的當中一個多數重要作用操作被證明的規定值數。

    , AMCA 維護獨立產品性能測試的實驗室是國際等級。

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