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Alex是諾曼最好的朋友,也是一個遵循古老生活方式的 “山林之子”。他已將近80高齡,臉上每一條皺紋都  是一段歲月的見證與生命的智慧。








與動物之間的交流,正是諾曼這 “最後的獵人”,生活中很重要的一部份。



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    Alex is the Norman best friend, also is follows the ancient life style "the wooded mountain". His already nearly 80 advanced ages, on the face each wrinkle all was section of years testimonies and the life wisdom.

    Wife of the hunter, the women usually safeguard and the help construction snow room, is responsible to look after the hunting dog, the processing animal fur, boils boils food and so on

    Person and nature story. Has all attractions person's element: The man, the woman, the dog dogs, inexhaustible has beautifully stayed the scenery, defends takes along and altogether the sweetness and bitterness love...

    The actor is a hunter, his life is hunts and prepares to hunt; The leading lady is the help prepares to hunt and to process the game. They are as far as possible self-sufficient, everything DIY, has been being content as far as possible life, also all deeply loves the wooded mountain wilderness. Two individual dear friends defend support, really does not dare to believe they are the actual events, also envied. Each forest strolls all is travel of the life and death

    Harnesses the sled in the severely cold winter to make a long and wearisome journey, delimits the dugout canoe to flow rapidly in the turbulent current under, the ash bear and the wild wolf is eying covetously in the grand canyon

    His sled, the racket, the hut, the dugout canoe, all are oneself the wood manufacture which fells with the forest becomes

    獵捕 Shan Mao, beaver, sable, wolf, wolf badger, then provides other for them to need

    Between the hunter and dog's relations are subtle

    With animal's between exchange, is precisely Norman this "the final hunter", in life a very important part.

    A scenery 絕 beautiful picture, the male and female lead sincere, warm, simple, is content the life which, is firm and resolute bravely, is grateful

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    Their life style is extremely thrifty, the man goes hunting, the woman looks after the housework, the manufacture 皮件, strange independent life. They move the way is not the

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    employment moving company, but was arrives the new place to chop the tree to take the wood, builds the house, only takes from civilized society's source material is a piece of piece of glass window.

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    Their living expense depends on traps hunts for the beast, skins makes the magnificent and expensive marten skin, 麋鹿Pi Fanshou, receives in exchange for the daily thing. Does not have the blood to put together, not to have the cash card, the life to be instead purer.

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