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Fruends across a continent

skim the converaation of the correct person under each picture.

Meg Martin and Kathy O\'brien chat online almost every day . Meg is an exchange student from the U.S . She is studing in Mexico. Kathy is in the U.S.



megm:What are you doing?

Kathyo:I\'m sitting on my bed with my laptop computer . I\'m doing my homework.

megm:What are you working on?

Kathyo:I\'m writing an essay for Spanish class.

megm:Can you that?

kathyo:For a minute. Where are you?

megm:I\'m in an internet cafe\' with my friend Carmen.I\'m having coffee and she\'s

reading a magazine. How is your family?

kathyo:They\'re all fine! My father\'s working ouside.He\'s mowing the lawn.

My mother is out shopping.

megm:Where\'s your brother?

kathyo:Johm\'s not home.He\'s playing soccer in the park.Oh,wait .My mother is home.

She\'s calling me .I have to go.

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    看下面的對話 (在對的圖中找對的人)

    Meg Martin (梅格馬丁) 跟 Kathy O'brien (凱蒂歐布萊恩) 幾乎每天都在網路上聊天. 梅格是從美國到墨西哥的交換學生. 凱蒂在美國.

    梅格: 嗨!

    凱蒂: 嗨!梅格!

    梅格: 你在做什麼啊?

    凱蒂: 我現在坐在床上,用筆記型電腦。在做功課。

    梅格: 作什麼的功課啊?

    凱蒂: 在寫西班牙文的作文。

    梅格: (是 can you do that 吧?) 你會作嗎?

    凱蒂: (是 wait for a minute 吧?) 等一下,你人在哪裡?

    梅格: 我跟我的朋友(卡門)在網咖。我在喝咖啡,他在讀雜誌。你家人好嗎?

    凱蒂: 都很好!我爸在外面工作,他在庭院剪草。我媽去逛街了。

    梅格: 你(弟/哥)呢?

    凱蒂: (是 John 吧..) John {約翰} 不在家,他在公園踢足球。等一下,我媽回來了。他再叫我,我先走囉。

    大概就是這樣. 看看可以嗎..

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