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    主 格所 有 格 受 格

    人 whowhose whom

    物.動物 whichwhose(of which) which

    人+物+動物 that x that

    ex: The man who came yesterday was happy.

    ex: Here is a magazine which develops your mind.

    ex: I am talking to the boy whose father is a doctor.

    ex: The cat whose color is black is very cute.




    ex: The girl whom you talk to is my sister. = The girl who you talk to is my sister.

    = The girl that you talk to is mt sister. = The girl you talk to is my sister.

    = The girl to whom you talk is my sister.


    1.先行詞前面是最高級形容詞時 ex: He is the tallest boy that I have ever seen.

    2.先行詞是人+動物或人+事物 ex: I saw Mary and her dog that were running in the park.

    3.先行詞前面有序數 ex: Cathy is the first girl that came yesterday.

    4.先行詞前面有all ; no ; every ; any ; the only ; the same ; the very

    ex: He is the only student that can answer the question.

    ex: All the girls that can answer the question can get candies.

    5.疑問句以Who ; Which ; What為首的問句 ex: Who is the girl that has long hair?


    1.介系詞之後 ex: Do you know the man to whom John spoke yesterday?

    2.逗點之後 ex: I like the house, which is big and new.


    ex: I have a brother who lives in Taipei.不只一個哥哥


    ex: I have a brother, who lives in Taipei.只有一個哥哥

    ◎關係副詞where ; what的用法

    1. where表地方,=in which

    ex: This is the house where John lives. = This is the house in which John lives.

    =This is the house which John lives in. = This is the house John lives in.

    2. what為不須先行詞之複合關係代名詞 =the thing(s) which

    ex: I believe what you said. =I believe the thing(s) which you said.

    ex: She bought what she needed last night. =She bought the things which she needed last night.

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