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急急急!! 幫我翻譯一段英文(今晚7點前要)拜託!!!!

Through establishing business units and target management system, CPC has successfully achieved the aim of lowering cost and heightening efficiency, and therefore, successfully overcome the challenge of liberalization of domestic petro-industry. In the future, CPC will actively respond to strong competition from Formosa Petrochemical Corp. and maintain the status of industrial leader in Taiwan while, in the long run, will attain to the vision of becoming a competitive, global energy conglomerate encompassing E&P, oil & gas, petrochemical and high-tech realm.

In general, CPC’s future development plan will mainly focus on the following five core business units:namely, exploration & production, refining, marketing, petrochemical and natural gas. In addition to consolidate the domestic market, we also actively promote foreign sales and establish a global marketing network. In order to streamline management and strengthen competitive edge, CPC especially emphasizes on the integration of procurement, refining, storage & transportation, marketing and trading. We also follow established management techniques, such as accountability centers, target management, strategic planning, performance evaluation tied closely to cost-down and efficiency, etc, to maintain the leading role in the domestic manufacturing industry. We also create a lifetime learning environment and emphasize the cultivation of young generation in the company. In face of the coming privatization, we have strengthened communication with employees and negotiation with the labor union. Also, in view of carrying into effect of the Kyoto Protocal, we will emphasize more on promoting Environmental Accounting System and greenhouse management, in order to attain the goal of sustainable growth of the company.




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    通過建立營業單位和目標管理系統, CPC 成功地達到了降低費用和升高效率的目標, 並且因此, 成功地克服國內petro 產業的自由化的挑戰。在將來, CPC 將反應強的競爭從福摩薩Petrochemical Corp.

    和活躍地將維護業界領袖的狀態在臺灣當, 從長遠看, 將獲得對視覺成為一競爭, 全球性能量conglomerate 包含E&P 、石油& 氣體, 石油化學和高技術領土。

    總之, CPC's 未來發展計劃主要將集中於以下五核心業務units?namely, 探險& 生產、精煉, 營銷, 石油化學和天然氣。除之外鞏固國內市場, 我們並且促進外國銷售和活躍地建立一個全球性營銷網路。為了簡化管理和加強競爭力, CPC 特別是強調在獲得的綜合化、精煉、存貯& 運輸、營銷和貿易。我們並且隨後而來建立了管理技巧, 譬如責任中心、目標管理、戰略計劃、表現評估嚴密被栓與費用下來和效率, 等, 維護在國內製造工業的主角。我們創造終身學習環境和並且強調年輕世代的耕種在公司中。在以後的私有化面前, 我們加強了與雇員的以工會的通信和交涉。並且, 由於運載入京都Protocal 的作用, 我們將強調更多在促進環境會計系統和溫室管理, 為了獲得公司的持續成長的目標。

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    各式各樣的名器自慰套都有,價錢公道 品質好


    所以你可以放心購買喔 非常的有保障

    而且滿1000 免運費 多種運送方式,



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