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黃美麗 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


我急需一篇有關於設計的英文文章 內容大慨500字

幫我敘述一下大綱或翻譯 謝謝謝謝


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    High Heels May 27, 2006  Manolo Blahnik's shoes are world reknowned.Photo: SuppliedThere are shoes, and then there are Manolos, writes Clare Coulson.WITH their vertiginously high heels, elegant lines and witty, extravagant designs, Manolo Blahnik's shoes are quite unlike any others. They provoke the kind of barely contained passion saved for illicit liaisons - which goes some way to explaining why Madonna once declared Manolos to be "better than sex".And, thanks to Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City's shoe-crazed heroine, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, his name is now known to women all over the world, whether or not they can afford a pair (they cost upwards of about $A687.)It is 35 years since he designed his first shoe - for Celia Birtwell's husband and design partner, Ossie Clark - and, at 64, he has no intention of retiring soon: "The day I start to get bored, I will stop - but I don't think I will. When do I have the time to get bored?"He may well wonder. Not only does he still oversee the design and production of about 400 hand-crafted shoes each year - all of which are illustrated in his beautiful, signature ink-drawings - but Blahnik always has a handful of other illustrious projects on the go.

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    這是在訪問一個高跟鞋設計師Manolo Blahnik , 他設計出來的都非常的典雅而且有線調以及, 擁有侈奢設計, 跟其他的設計師來說他有獨特的風味,也很與眾不同。這也是為什麼Madonna會說Manolo的高跟鞋比性愛還美好.慾望城市中的Sarah Jessica Parker也從穿過他設計的高跟鞋使他的名氣升高,受到大家的愛戴.但是專家質疑, 消費者是否買得起對(大約$A687.)35年前他設計他第一雙高跟鞋給Celia Birtwell 的丈夫和他的夥伴 Ossie Clark -

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    現在他已經64歲了, 他沒有退休的意圖 他說了一段話: "當我感到乏味的那一天, 我會停止設計- 但我不認為我會。我怎麼有時間感到乏味高跟鞋呢? 讓大家吃驚的是他每年還是設計大約四百多雙的手工高跟鞋 每一雙都是他自己督促設計得。設計和生產都是他自己監工-,如署名墨水圖畫- 但是Blahnik還是有其他時間 做其它項目得報告總之他忙個不停。

    Source(s): the age newspaper
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  • 1 decade ago

    What is Branding?

    Branding is not only your logo but also your business name. Great names evoke intrigue, savvy and class, and tell customers a lot about who you are. When you begin the branding process, think first about your name. Next, envision an image that works with that name. Finally, create a byline, which is a short sentence that describes who you are or what you stand for. Here's an example. I named of one of my first coffee bars "Caffe Primavera." In Italian, "Primavera" means springtime. For my logo design I used a Corinthian column with a floral theme at its base, surrounded by two renaissance angels. The byline I chose was "Coffee delivered from heaven."

    There are many examples of expired branding in the coffee world. Let's look at Seattle's Caffé D'arte (Italian for "coffee of art"). Its simple logo incorporates the company name and a cup in a design that uses traditional Italian colors. Its byline, "Taste the Difference," tells you a lot. It indicates this company has traditional Italian coffee and suggests it is a high quality product.

    Another Seattle coffee company with impressive branding is Caffé Vita. Its logo design features an Italian clown holding a cup. The image is classy, whimsical and reminds me of Carnival in Venice, reinforcing the link to Italy, the Mecca of espresso. The company uses its name and branding in fun and unique ways, probably more so than any other company in the industry.

    Recently the company gave away black hats with an embroidered logo design that simply said "Caffé Vita." But for the younger crowd, as a very creative and unique promotion, the company created cheap black and white foam baseball hats that from a distance read "VITA SUCKS." Upon closer inspection, you could read small print that said, "VITA is great! What SUCKS is when you can't find any!


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