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你喜歡什麼動物?? The animal(s) I like

1.The speciality of the animal?(這種動物特質或特點)

2.Why do you like it?(為什麼喜歡)

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    1.I like dog very much.

    what the specialty of the animal?

    Dog is responsible (compassionate/reliable/honest)

    When they are barking, it must be anxious/overwhelming/nosy

    Why do you like it?

    1. A dog will do his best to please you and keep you smiling.

    2. He will curl up with you when you are feeling down or need some serious relaxation

    3. He won't hold your mistakes against you or prejudge you for your looks, faults or lack of know-how

    4. He'll be your unconditional friend and will play ball with you as long as you wish

    5. He'll forgive you for all your mistakes, never holding them against you later.

    6. Sleeping at your feet and loving to please you,

    7. He will enjoy spending time with you. He'll do his best to protect you, because you will be his master.

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    Q:The animal(s) I like 你喜歡什麼動物??

    A:I like the rabbits.

    Q:The speciality of the animal?(這種動物特質或特點)

    A:They have long ears and like eat carrots so much.

    Q:Why do you like it?(為什麼喜歡)

    A:Because I like small animal and it's so cute.

    Source(s): ~草莓的英文~
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