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中翻英<對死的意義> 很多喔

1 Morrie<人名>選擇在死亡前去思考,去聽聽別人真心的感觸.

2 我最喜歡的是辦了一場生前喪禮,在死前看看老朋友,因為在這種時刻,謊話和虛偽也沒什麼用,我敬佩morrie勇於面對死亡,也告訴了我們如果越了解死亡,就會去珍惜每天美好的時刻!其實看了這本書,我就越了解\"活在當下\"的意義.

3 隨時對死亡做好準備,這聽起來有些困難,在我看來morrie想表達的是,當人們活在世上時,應該很深刻的自知正在「活著」,盡全力去感受它,除了肉體的活,更重要的是精神還活著。

4 死亡並非多麼恐怖的事,我門可以藉此讓瞭解生命的意義、可貴。人生的短暫,使我們懂得如何去珍惜生命,好好善加利用時間,把握現在,學習成長,認真的生活。

5 Morrie卻很快調整自己的心態,善加利用剩下的時間,勇敢面對死亡。他爭取著時間,把自己心裡的話,講給每個聽人,每個他所愛的人聽。

6 我想每個人都應該學習「寬恕」

7 要能善待自己也接納別人,寬容的心能使我們更快樂。人生是充滿希望的,我們要長存愛心,學習寬恕,不論是傷害你或是接受你的人,他們都對你有著貢獻。我們應該相信他人、寬恕他人,與他人分享我們的成長、喜悅、幸福,與他人分享我們的快樂。「獨樂樂,不如眾樂樂」不但我們快樂,其他人也會快樂,這個社會、世界,也就因此而更美麗、祥和。

8 所以,我們要懂得在自己存活的每一刻,要時時做到寬恕自己,也時時做到寬恕別人,這樣方能使自己心中舒適,也才能讓自己留上美好的回憶於世上。

9 珍惜活著的每一刻,學著過有意義生活,那麼會活的更快樂、更幸福。

ps.意思接近即可 不需翻的太專業 看的懂就可


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    1 Morrie<name> choose to go forward to think in the death , go to listen to others' wholehearted thoughts and feelings .

    2 what I liked most is to do a funeral before death and see the old friend before death, because in the moment, lie and false and too of no use, I admire morrie dare in the face of the death, tell if us find out about death too , will is it treasure bright moment of every day to go! Have in fact read this book, the meaning " living instantly " that I understand .

    3 at any time ready to death, this sound some difficulty, morrie in my view want express, when people live in the world, should be very much deep knowing ' live ', it is experience it to take every care, besides the work of the human body , the more important thing is that spirit is still alive.

    4 die how terrific thing it is not , I door can is it understand meaning , valuable of life to let by this. Life transient, make us understand how go life of treasuring , utilize time properly hard, hold now, learn to grow up, serious life.

    5 Morrie adjusts one's own psychology quickly, utilizing the time left properly, bravery is in the face of the death. He is racing against time, one's own, in terms of the person to each one, each person that he loves hears .

    6 I think that everybody should study ' forgive '

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    7 If can treat oneself kindly to admit others too, the tolerant heart can make us happier . Life is promising, the love that we want to live forever, learn to forgive, the person who no matter injured you or accepted you, they all have contribution to you.

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    We should believe others , forgive others , share our growth , happiness , happiness with others, share our happiness with others. ' alone the happy,as all happy ' not only happy in we,but also can the happy in people not other, the society ,

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    world, on but more beautiful , more happy and more auspicious too.

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    8 Israel, we should know how to forgive oneself when while wanting in every quarter when oneself survive, is it forgive others to accomplish when when too , can it makes one's own

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    to be comfortable in the heart in this way , could let oneself is it pay bright remembrance in the world to leave too.

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    9 treasures every quarter alive, have studied meaningful life, will then be alive happier , happier.

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    真的很多 我剛翻到第五題後就不想再翻了 因為我看到了第七題就不想翻了

    大大 我建議你要不要刪除俚語和一些很不好翻譯的詞語

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