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想找DirtieBlonde的walk over ME的歌詞

想要找Dirtie Blonde的walk over ME的歌詞


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    Walk Over Me - Dirtie Blonde

    Are you for real?

    Are you yessing me to Death?

    You get my humor

    And baby, I'm amazed

    Yeah, this must be my day

    You're too good lookin'

    There must be something wrong

    I'm sure you're taken

    I'm doing it again

    But I don't want to screw myself


    'Cause you're a little bit too nice

    I look a little bit like hell

    'Cause I'm a little overtired

    And I'm a little overwhelmed

    And you're a little bit too late

    And it's a little bit too soon

    And I'm a little bit too strange

    For somebody like you

    Walk Over Me

    So far, So good

    You proved me wrong again

    But I'm not certain

    So can we fill the space

    With this awkward silence?


    Walk Over Me


    Oh, it feels a little bit too right

    So I know it must be wrong

    I wanna take you home tonight

    But I'm trying to be strong

    Oh, you know a little bit too much

    And it's a little bit too fast

    I don't have the best of luck

    With making these things last

    Oh, I'm just a little like my mom

    I barely get a wink of sleep

    And I will never lie to you

    And your secrets I will keep

    Oh, and you're a little bit like me

    Think you're a little bit too smart

    I'm a little bit weary

    So please don't break my heart

    Walk Over Me

    Walk Over Me

    Walk Over Me

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