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    給你一份我弟的面試自我簡介 很精簡 唸完大概5分鐘 中間要假裝停頓一下喔才自然 當然 裡面的內容要改一下 反正 面試時也不會很認真聽你再說什麼

    只是看你流不流暢而已 我弟靠它面試進了鴻海 你加油喔!!!

    Tell me about yourself.

    First, I would like to appreciate you giving me the chance to have the interview. My name is XXX. Let me focus on my job experience. My previous job was in XXX which has around 200 employees and it is a professional connector manufacturer. I served as a sales specialist there and my manager assigned me to handle European markets such as UK, German, Italy ,Spain, Greek and so on. In XXX , I have ever been abroad for trade show for 5 times, domestic trade show for 4 times. My biggest accomplishment in XXX was I gained a major client-SIEMENS. SIEMENS gave us a 1KK Q’ty order which heavily pressured our production line and all the laborers had to work 24 hours a day for almost 2 months. 1 month later , SIEMENS gave us another 2KK Q’ty order. It was really a wonderful time.

    Speaking of my personality, I am an outgoing and friendly person. People who had ever worked with me they all envy me that I am the man with high EQ.

    In my free time, I like to work out at Alexander Fitness Club. I usually go there 3 times a week on regular basis. I also like to swim. Swimming can not only keeps me fit but also help me to relax my stress. When I was in XXX, I usually went to the gym at 7 PM and came back to my office at 9 to check my e-mail- is there something emergent?

    OK, that’s my rough introduction.

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