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內容-隨選電影系統.近百部強檔電影(每個月更新一次)任您選擇 至95/8/31止 活動期間免費享受全館提供免費無線網路[無死角]的服務


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    The new realm for audiovisual servicesContent - over hundreds of movies availalbe for your selection (the list will be updated monthly), promotion ends 95/8/31. During promotion period, you can receive free unlimited wireless internet "with no dead corner" service.

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    Title - New Era of A/V Services

    Content - Movie-on-demand System. Near one hundred of popular movies to choose from (updated monthly), and enjoy our promotional on-site, no-dead-spot wireless network connection at no extra charge. Promotion ends August 31st, 2006.

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    Topic--- the new boundary of audiovisual services

    With the system of moview, nearly hundreds of popular and prevalent moviews( the list will be updated per month) you can single out at will until to Aug. 31, 2006 and you can relish the whole free services as to wireless internet- without any dead spot- during the period of this activity

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