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    This movie was pretty good. I haven't seen the original so I only had this version to go off of. I was pretty impressed by how solid of a film it was. Usually I look at Disney films with a critical eye only, but I had to see what the buzz was about, especially with this cast.Lindsay Lohan plays a girl whose life is surrounded with typical problems growing up. Her mother is remarrying after her father passed away, her brother is as annoying as any other brother, and her mother doesn't understand why she's not opening up to her. Lohan plays the role of the rebellious daughter/rock-n-roll guitarist very well (although her Disney acting skills get a little overacted at points) as she tries to play in a gig at the House of Blues the same day as her mother's marriage rehearsal dinner.The movie was stretching the story a bit when it included a story involving a magical fortune cookie and the powers that dwell within which switches their brains (?) from the daughter's body to the mother's. I guess the movie had to have some selling point, though. And the Disney acting, like a said before, was geared towards the younger crowd who could care less.But Jamie Lee Curtis...she is more spry every time I see her on film. She had more energy than Lohan on this film when it came to acting like her daughter. That was a shocker.I gave the film a 5/10 stars. It was OK for a generic movie to have on, but to critically analyze every little thing would be pointless. People watched this movie for Curtis and Lohan and to see the hijinks between mother and daughter. I'd rent it for my kids if I had some. I don't know about owning it, though.

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    "Freaky Friday" is a repetition of the oldie. the version of 1976 featured by Jodie Foster. the new version in 2003 featured by Lindsay Lohan of "The Parent Trap", and the main actress of "True Lies," Jamie Lee Curtis, played the role of Mother.

    Tess holds a single parent family, and has one couple childress. She is also a professional psychoanalyst who sloves people's psychologic problems. However, Tess has no ideas about what her daughter, Anna, thinks about. On Friday evening Tess prepares the rehearsal of marriage with her boyfriend, but the bridesmaid, Anna, has a very important performance. They quarrel in dinner time. The follow day, their bodies change with each other.

    Not yet to find out how to slove this problem, they have to role exchanged. The mother Tess has to go to Anna's school, and real Anna must goes to clinic. In this day their life is in total disorder, but they also begin to know each thoughts.

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