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in india wedding, is there a reception after the ceremony?

what type of food is served at the reception?

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    Renowned regional cuisines, that you may consider for your Indian wedding feast, are:

    - “Malayali” from southern Kerala

    - “Malvani” , particularly the seafood, from the coastal region of South Bombay

    - “Shindhi” from Pakistan

    - “Goan” from Goa, influenced by rich tomato based sauces of Portugal with hot Indian spices. Being on the coast fish is popular.

    - “Parsee” food of the Persians who fled to India; they use a lot of lamb in their cooking with dried fruit and Indian spices

    - “Gujarali” vegetarian cooking of the Gujaratis in Bombay

    - “Jain” cuisine, again vegetarian, but excluding any root vegetables

    - “Konkan” cuisine, particularly the seafood, from the West Indian coastline

    - “Bengalis” from Bengal, who have a love of fresh water fish (not salt water). Fish is always served at Bengalis weddings.

    Two important cuisine facts pertaining to the two major faiths to note are:

    - as the Hindus consider the cow to be sacred beef is strictly forbidden to be eaten

    - if Muslim nothing derived from the pig may be eaten

    So, when selecting your menu you may wish to omit beef and pork from it.

    A Traditional Indian Wedding Feast Menu:

    A traditional Indian wedding feast will be a very elaborate affair. It will be an extended version of the following basic Indian menu (by extended I mean with a greater variety of choice and richness of the dishes):

    - a meat dish and a fish dish

    - five or more vegetable dishes (including one rice and one lentil dish)

    - several pickles and chutneys

    - yoghourt and salad

    - a sweet dish

    All the dishes would appear on the table at the same time. The diner would serve themselves in their order of preference, selecting the dishes of their choice. Tea and coffee is not usually served. Lassi” is a yoghourt drink that may be served and scented water. You may wish to serve “raita”, a whipped yoghourt punch, “sherbets”, traditional fruit drinks and wine as it is a wedding feast.

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