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關於just now 的用法

just now 據字典上解釋

可用於現在式 過去式及未來式

根據英文老師的說法是可以 可是字典上寫不行



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    just now 據字典上解釋 可用於現在式 過去式及未來式Origin from Cambridge Dictionary Online:just now:1 a very short time ago:=>剛才Who was that at the door just now?2 at the present time:=>正好John's in the bath just now - can he call you back?根據英文老師的說法是可以 可是字典上寫不行所以到底可以用在現在完成式嗎just...可用於現在式...未來式...過去式...及完成式Origin from Cambridge Dictionary Online:just:adverbnow, very soon, or very recently:"Where are you, Jim?" "I'm just coming." 現在式=>正好I'll just finish this, then we can go. 未來式=>僅..只He'd just got into the bath when the phone rang. 完成式=>剛才The children arrived at school just as (= at the same moment as) the bell was ringing. 過去式=>"正"當(just as)The doctor will be with you in just a minute/moment/second (= very soon). 未來式=>僅..只It's just after/past/UK ALSO gone (= has recently become) ten (o'clock). 現在式=>剛好再補充給你一句完成式的I have just finished my homework.完成式=>剛才完成式如果可以又是什麼意思呢 just表達的為一個離現在非常近之時間點...意思為剛才...F.Y.I.

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    Source(s): Myself & Cambridge Dictionary Online(A Good English-English Dictionary)
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