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Almost all offices use computers to a certain extent. Computers allow for complex databases on a company\'s clients. They also perform every thing from simple word processing to creating complex multimedia presentations. Despite their precision, computers do make mistakes. This is why it is important to have a capable staff who can monitor and control the results generated by computers. In this way, a computer is a tool for personnel to become more productive in their business tasks.

Most employers look for many computer skills in their potential employees. People applying for business jobs are expected to know how to navigate the internet and even design their own websites. As computer capabilities increase so does the need for capable employees who know how to work them. Even the most basic secretarial jobs require a knowledge of word processing and desktop publisging.

Computers come in the small from of palmtops as well, which allows employees to work anywhere and anytime. Even these small computers have the capacity to email and create databases. Laptops, because of their convenience, are virtually replacing the bulkier desktop computer.

1.The function of a computer is to save time and manpower in many areas.

2.Combining video, sound, and graphics, for example, is part of multimedia computing.

3.Putting information into a table-like format is known as a spreadsheet.

4.Computers can enhance people\'s productivity.

5.In today\'s world, technology has become the name of the game.

6.After information is taken from a computer, it must then be interpreted.

7.When old data or information is changed or added to to new information, we call this updated information.

8.The further development of computers has given people a whole new outlook on business.

9.A computer has a memory that can recall all types of information from its internal storage.

10.If something is done totally by machine, it is said to be fully automated.

11.To put together information is to compile information.

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    幾乎所有辦公室用途電腦某種程度上。 電腦考慮到複雜資料庫在公司的客戶。 他們並且執行每件事從簡單文書處理對創造複雜多媒體介紹。 儘管他們的精確度, 電腦犯錯誤。 這就是為什麼它重要有能螢幕並且控制結果引起由電腦的一個可勝任的職員。 這樣, 電腦是為人員的一個工具變得有生產力在他們的企業任務。

    多數雇主尋找許多電腦技能在他們潛在的雇員。 居於申請企業工作被期望會駕駛網際網路和甚而設計他們自己的網站。 當電腦能力增加因此做對會工作他們的可勝任的雇員的需要。 最基本的秘書工作要求知識文書處理和桌面publisging 。

    電腦來自在小palmtops, 允許雇員工作任何地方和任何時候。 這些小型電腦有容量給和創造資料庫發電子郵件。 膝上電腦, 由於他們的便利, 實際上替換更加龐大的臺式電腦。


    2.結合錄影, 聲音, 和圖表, 例如, 是多媒體計算的一部分。

    3.投入資訊入a 桌像格式為人所知作為報表。


    5.在今天世界裡, 技術成為了比賽的名字。

    6.在資訊被採取從電腦之後, 它必須然後被解釋。

    7.當老資料或資訊被改變或增加來來新資訊, 我們叫這更新資訊。



    10.如果某事由機器完全完成, 它被認為充分地自動化。


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