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    Is it getting better / 好多了嗎?

    Or do you feel the same? / 還是老樣子?

    Will it make it easier on you now? / 會讓你感覺好點嗎?

    You got someone to blame / 如果找個人抒發一下

    You say one love, one life (one life) / 你說

    One Love, One Life

    It's one need in the night / 黑夜中 每一個人都需要

    One love (one love), get to share it / One Love 與人分享

    Leaves you darling, if you don't care for it / 如果不珍惜 親愛的 他將離你遠去


    Did I disappoint you? / 我讓你失望了嗎?

    Or leave a bad taste in your mouth? / 我的話讓你難以下嚥嗎?

    You act like you never had love / 你一副從未愛過的樣子

    And you want me to go without / 你也要我沒有愛的過下去

    Well it's too late, tonight / 但是太遲了 在今晚

    To drag the past out into the light / 過去的讓他過去 走向光明

    We're one, but we're not the same / 一樣是人 但是每個人不一樣

    We get to carry each other / 我們必須 幫助彼此

    Carry each other / 相互扶持


    Have you come here for forgiveness? / 你是否真心尋求寬恕

    Have you come to raise the dead? / 你是否想要死而復生

    Have you come here to play Jesus? / 你是否試圖扮演上帝

    To the lepers in your head / 自以為是的幫助世人

    Well, did I ask too much, more than a lot? / 我是否過問太多 甚至有些過火

    You gave me nothing, now it's all I got / 你不曾為我付出 我只有自己

    We're one, but we're not the same / 一樣是人 但是每個人不一樣

    Well we, hurt each other / 我們竟然 傷害彼此

    Then we do it again / 一次又一次

    You say / 你說

    Love is a temple / 愛是神聖的殿堂

    Love is a higher law / 愛是最高的法則

    Love is a temple / 愛是神聖的殿堂

    Love is the higher law / 愛是最高的法則

    You ask me to enter / 你要我進入了愛的聖殿

    Well then you make me crawl / 卻又將我傷到匍匐在地

    And I can't be holding on to what you got / 我當然無法繼續堅持下去

    When all you got is hurt / 只因為你不斷傷害著我

    One love / 這份真愛

    One blood / 這份血緣

    One life / 這個人生

    You got to do what you should / 你一定要盡到自己本份

    One life / 這個人生

    With each other / 我們唇齒相依

    Sisters and my / 姊妹們

    Brothers / 以及我的兄弟們

    One life / 這個人生

    But we're not the same / 僅管我們仍有不同

    We get to / 我們仍然要

    Carry each other / 彼此照顧

    Carry each other / 相互扶持


    One love

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