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This time go to the America is my first time to leave my own country. Anything for me is interesting and eye opening. No matter America specially culture, Or different life. I learning primarily I don’t know thing, so ,I have a good time.

Except go to the America, we go Hawaii and Japan too. Hawaii is beautifully island!The ocean is green!Not common blue ocean. So, everybody to joy over unexpected good luck. By the free time, we too impatient to wait jumping the warm sea. But we need to pay cost, everyone is beak!Even so, we still is happy!

As compared with Hawaii, Japan is boring!Because is to rain!And very cool!We miss Hawaii very much!This tourism is perfect!If have next time, I want to go America and Hawaii too!

哪位大人可以好心幫我修正一下這篇報告的文法 感激不盡


這一次去美國是我第一次離開家鄉 任何事對我來說都是新奇和大開眼界的 不管是美國特別的文化 或不同的生活方式 我學習到原本我不知道的事情 我玩得很開心

除了美國 我們也去日本和夏威夷 夏威夷是一個漂亮的島嶼 他的海是綠色的 而不是一般常見的藍色 在自由活動時間 我們迫不及待地跳入溫暖的海中 但是我們必須付出代價 大家都被曬黑了 但我們仍然很開心

比起夏威夷 日本是無聊的 因為那裡一直在下雨 而且也很冷 這次旅行是完美的 假使有下一次機會 我還是想要去美國和夏威夷

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    The trip to America was my first time to leave my own country. Everything was interesting and eye-opening to me. I learned many things I had never known before, such as the unique culture of America as well as the different life styles. I had a great time there!

    Beside going to America, we also went to Japan and Hawaii. Hawaii was a beautifully island! Instead of the blue color we usually see, the ocean color there was green! Everyone was overjoyed to jump into the warm sea during the free time! Although we had to pay for it by getting tanned, we were very happy still!

    As compared with Hawaii, Japan was boring! It was because the weather there was cold and rainy all the time. Nevertheless, the trip was perfect! If there were such a chance again, I still want to go to America and Hawaii!

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    是 "Hawaii was a beautiful island!" 才對!

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    This goes to the United States is I leave the home town anything for the first time is all unusual and greatly open new vista to me of in spite of is special culture in the United States or different life style, I learn original I not know of thing I have lots of fun

    In addition to the United States our also going to Japan and Hawaii, Hawaii is a beautiful island his sea is green and isn't a generally familiar blue to dive into in the free activity time our no time for waiting ground warm of sea in but we have to pay for it everyone is tanned but we are still very happy

    Comparing with Hawaiian Japan is boring because of there always Be raining and also very cold this trip is perfect if have next chance me to still want to go to the United States and Hawaii

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