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defining moment 中文是什麼?可以解釋一下嗎

關鍵性時刻; 決定性時刻 (揭示一個人或群體的性格的時刻) 這是我查字典的可是我不曉得怎麼用 可以用在:6歲以前是學習的關鍵 這樣的句子嗎

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    I think the idea you are talking about ia a "period", not a "moment". A moment is much shorter. For example:The coming decision will prove a defining moment for Bush's presidency.Tomorrow night's speech stands as the defining moment of your presidency.My defining moment at MU was when I recognized how much I loved teaching children music!決定、演講、了解一件事情的時候,這才是所謂的"關鍵/決定時刻"。6歲以前應該是學習的"關鍵時期"(decisive period)。

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