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Anonymous asked in 教育與參考考試 · 2 decades ago




頻果電腦公司的\"Future plans\" and \"Other information\"


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    我有上去看它的網站,不過apple好像沒有annual report可以下載,這樣就比較難知道它的future plans.可能要從journal,或新聞網站找找相關資料.另外你可以看看apple網站的新聞稿


    Business Week:

    "A split that's sapping morale at Apple", 106-108, March 11, 1985

    "Apple Computer's Counterattack against IBM", 78-81, January 16, 1984

    "How Apple is Bullying IBM's PCjr", p.124, April 16, 1984

    "Apple Growth;s Could Stay Stunted for a While", 113-116, June 10, 1985

    "Apple Reaches Out for a Marketing Pro", 27-28, April 25, 1983

    "Apple Takes on its Biggest Test Yet", 70-79, January 31, 1983

    "Apple, Part2: The no-nonsense Era of John Sculley", January 27, 1986

    "Apple's New Crusade", 146-156, Novermer 26,1984

    "Can John Sculley Clear Up the Mess at Apple", 70-71, July 29,1985

    "High Anxiety at Apple over a Late Start at Lotus", p 114, May 6,1985

    "Software for the Common Man", 94-100, March 18, 1985

    "Steve Jobs vs Apple: what caused the Final Split", p.48, September 30, 1985

    "Steve Wozniak is tired of all play and no work", 67-70, October 7 ,1985

    "The palace revolt at Apple Computer", p.38, June 17, 1985



    2006-05-22 22:54:56 補充:

    教授寫的文章是有關apple的歷史,strategy, structure, conflict, culture, competitive environments...等等. 所以這些資料跟這些滿有關的

    Source(s): Hardy, C. (2005). "Apple", Department of Management, University of Melbourne
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    1. click on SEC filings3. click next twice and you click on 10Q (quarterly report)4. click next three times and you click on 10K (annual report)The personal computer industry is highly competitive and is characterized by aggressive pricing practices, downward pressure on gross margins, frequent introduction of new products, short product life cycles, evolving industry standards, continual improvement in product price/performance characteristics, rapid adoption of technological and product advancements by competitors, price sensitivity on the part of consumers, and a large number of competitors. Over the past several years, price competition in the market for personal computers and related peripherals has been particularly intense as competitors who sell Windows and Linux based personal computers have aggressively cut prices and lowered their product margins for personal computing products. The Company’s results of operations and financial condition have been, and in the future may continue to be, adversely affected by these and other industry-wide pricing pressures and downward pressures on gross margins....And a lot other Bullsht.

    Source(s): Apple.cum
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