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Travel is the best teacher幫忙改^

Travel is the best teacher

As a well saying goes “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. I just want to exchange the word “play” to travel. In this world, almost every are busy all the day. Then how to rescue the tired body and heard .Travel is the best medicine for doing this job, and also a good teacher to teaches some knowledge from nature that we can’t get from school books.

I had been to Japan two years ago. As a well goes saying “So many countries, so many customs”. During that trip, I’m not only saw a lot of sculpture but also learn different customs from that trip. Travel is really a best teacher of the nature.

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    Likeblue:你的英文表達能力到達一定的程度。但是句子和句子之間的意義上的承接與轉折,還是需要加強。我試著儘量保留你的原意,但是讓句子和句子之間意義的接續更為圓融,讀起來比較通順。但是有些地方還是抓不到你的本意,例如最後一句你把看到許多雕塑和經歷不同的風俗兩件事放在一個句子裡,就顯得格格不入。以下改寫的文章,希望你喜歡。Travel is the Best TeacherAs the saying goes "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy."  I just want to change one word from "play" to "travel"; it sounds more meaningful to me. Everyone is busy day in day out through the year. We need to seriously think how to our body and refresh our mind. Travel is the best medicine. In addition, travel is a silent teacher who teaches the knowledge one can not learn from school.  Different countries have different customs, they help expand our vision and enrich our experience. I stayed in Japan for two years; I saw many great sculptures as well experienced different customs. It proves that travel is the teacher of the nature.

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    We need to seriously think how to our body and refresh our mind. 這ㄧ句應該改為We need to seriously think how to RELAX our body and refresh our mind.

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    旅行是最佳的老師因為井說法去"所有工作並且戲劇不做起重器一個愚鈍的男孩" 。我想要交換詞"戲劇" 旅行。在這個世界裡, 幾乎每是繁忙的所有天。然後怎麼搶救疲乏的身體和聽見的Travel 是最佳的醫學為做這個工作, 並且一位好老師並且教一些知識從我們無法得到從教科書的自然。我是對日本二年前。如同井去認為"許多國家, 許多風俗" 。在那次旅行期間, 我是不僅鋸很多雕塑而且學會不同的風俗從那次旅行。旅行真正地是自然的一位最佳的老師。


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