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1912-A Social Darwinist Addresses the Massachusetts Medical Society

An American social Darwinist addressing the Massachusetts Medical Society in 1912 had this to say:\"The feeble-minded are a parasitic,preasitic,predatory class,never capable of self-suppport or of managing their own affairs.The great majority ultimately become public charges in some form.They cause unutterable sorrow at home and a menace and danger to the community.Feeble-minded women almost invariably are immoral....We have only begun to understand the importance of feeble-mindedness as a factor in the causation of pauaerism,crime and other social problems\"(cited in Byrne,2000,P.104).

Clearly,such sttitudes undermined efforts to establish that treatment would be

necessary and effective,especially when provided in community settings.





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    一個在 1912 年向麻薩諸塞州醫學的社會發表演說的美國社會的崇拜達爾文之學說者有了了這說:"微弱者-有意的是一個寄生, preasitic ,掠奪的班級,從不有能力的自己-suppport 或管理他們自己的事件。棒的多數最後以一些形式變成公眾的費用。他們在家引起無法發出的悲傷和對社區的一種威脅和危險。微弱-有意的女人幾乎不變化地是不道德的

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