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US Patriot Act takes aim at illicit meth production


Wednesday, Mar 08, 2006,Page 6

Advertising People who suffer from airborne allergies could be among the first Americans affected by the USA Patriot Act that is to receive final congressional passage this week.

The bill, sold as an emergency tool against terror, takes aim at the production of methamphetamine, a highly addictive drug that cannot be manufactured without a key ingredient of everyday cold and allergy medicines. The bill would impose new limits next month for how much relief a person can buy over the counter.

And beginning Sept. 30, it\'ll take a flash of ID to buy that medication.

The legislation would blanket the nation with one policy that would put medicines containing pseudoephedrine behind the counter and out of the reach of meth cooks.

\"If we leave it up to local jurisdiction, we\'re simply going to move the problem from one jurisdiction to another without addressing the root cause,\" Jerry Dyer, a California police chief said.

Rather than wait for localities to stitch together a patchwork of anti-meth policies, the provision of the Patriot Act would leave meth producers nowhere to run but out of the country. It takes aim at the meth trade\'s weakest point: the supply of pseudoephedrine.


Rather than wait for localities to stitch together a patchwork of anti-meth policies, the provision of the Patriot Act would leave meth producers nowhere to run but out of the country. It takes aim at the meth trade's weakest point: the supply of pseudoephedrine.

Update 2:

Beginning 30 days after US President George W. Bush signs the law, expected sometime this week, purchase limits go into effect.

Update 3:

One person would be limited to buying 300, 30mg pills in a month or 120 such pills in a day. The measure would make an exception for "single-use" sales of individually packaged pseudoephedrine products.

Update 4:

Similar state and local restrictions have caused seizures of meth labs to plunge by double-digit percentages in such states as Arkansas, Oregon and Missouri.

At the same time, drug agents began finding more meth from Mexican cartels on the street.


Update 5:

Still, closing down domestic meth labs is of unique urgency to public health and safety, law enforcement officials said

Update 6:

The drug is made in clandestine labs with battery acid, drain cleaner or other chemicals that help turn the cold and allergy medicine into powder.

Update 7:

One quart of ether, another ingredient, holds the explosive power of several sticks of dynamite, said Sergeant Jason Grellner of the Franklin County, Missouri, Narcotics Enforcement Unit.

Update 8:

Oklahoma provides evidence that driving out meth labs doesn't mean getting rid of meth. Oklahoma's meth lab seizures have fallen 90 percent since April 2004, when it became the first state to ban over-the-counter sales of everyday cold and allergy medications.

Update 9:

At the same time, seizures of smokeable Mexican meth known as "crystal ice" rose nearly fivefold, from 384 cases in the 15 months before the law to 1,875 since.

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    票據, 銷售作為緊急工具反對恐怖, 作為瞄準methamphetamine 的生產, 無法是製作的沒有每天寒冷和過敏醫學一種關鍵成份的一種高度致癮藥物。 票據會強加新極限下個月為多少安心人能買在櫃臺。

    並且起點9月。 30, 它將採取身份證閃光買那個療程。

    立法會覆蓋國家以會投入醫學包含pseudoephedrine 在櫃臺之後和在伸手可及的距離meth 廚夫外面的一項政策。

    "如果我們讓地方管轄權決定, 我們簡單地從一司法移動問題到另一個沒有演講起因," 傑瑞染色者, 加利福尼亞警察局長說。

    而不是等現場對針一起anti-meth 政策補綴品, 愛國者行動的供應會留下meth 生產商無處對奔跑但在國家外面。 它採取瞄準meth 貿易的弱點: pseudoephedrine 供應。

    開始30 天在美國喬治W 以後總統。 布希簽署法律, 某時被期望這個星期, 購買極限進入作用。 一個人會是有限的買300, 30mg 藥片在一個月或120 個這樣藥片在一天。 措施會做例外為"單獨地被包裝的pseudoephedrine 產品單一用處" 銷售。

    相似的狀態和地方制約像阿肯色、俄勒岡和密蘇里導致meth 實驗室奪取浸入由雙數字百分比在如此狀態。

    同時, 藥物代理開始發現更多meth 從墨西哥企業聯合在街道。

    但是, 關閉在國內meth 實驗室下是獨特的緊急對公共衛生和安全, 執法官員說。


    一夸脫以太, 其它成份, 擁有炸藥幾根棍子的易爆的權力, 說賈森・Grellner 富蘭克林縣, 密蘇里, 麻醉劑執行單位軍士。

    俄克拉何馬提供證據, 駕駛在meth 實驗室之外不意味擺脫meth 。 俄克拉何馬的meth 實驗室奪取下落了百分之90 從2004 年4月, 當這成為了第一狀態取締每天寒冷和過敏療程不用處方的銷售。

    同時, smokeable 墨西哥meth 奪取以"水晶冰著名" 從384 個案件從那以後幾乎fivefold 上升了, 在15 個月在法律之前到1,875 。

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