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    歌名: Where Are You Now歌手: Michelle Branch


    歌詞:Maybe I'd do better on my own或許我應該要自己做的更好No one ever seems to understand me似乎從來沒有一個人了解我It's easier for me to be alone獨自一個人對我來說比較容易There's still a piece of me that feels so empty依然有一部份的我感到空虛I've been all over the world我到過全世界各地I've seen a million different places我看過百萬個不同的地方Back through the crowds and all the faces回頭穿越所有的人群及面孔I'm still out there looking for you… ho oh我依然在外頭尋找著你...喔 喔*Where are you now?你現在在哪裡?I'm trying to get by with never knowing at all我試著用從來不知道的方式去過活What is the chance of finding you out there?什麼樣的機會可以在外面找到你Do I have to wait forever?難道我必須永遠地等待嗎?I write about the things I'll never know我寫下我永遠不會知道的事情I can find a moment just to a slow down我可以找到一個緩慢下來的時刻It makes me think I'll never have the chance那讓我感覺我像是永遠沒機會一樣To figure out… what it's all about去發現....這一切是怎麼一回事So tell me… what it's all about… 'cause所以告訴我吧....這一切是怎麼了...是因為重複 *Yeah, la da da da da n da da da… oo oo ooWhere are you now?你現在在哪裡?I'm trying to get by with never ever knowing at all我試著用從來不知道的方式去過活And I still don't know然而我依然不知道重複 *Oo oo oo oo oo oo… yeah eh yeah

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