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James Dyson the man who launched a multi-million pound business with a new type of

vacuum cleaner, won the European Design Prize last night.

\"I am absofutely delighted,\" said Mr Dyson.\" win the award for something that uses

technology rather than something that just looks good.\"

My Dyson\'s vacuum cleaner marked the biggest change in the battle against house dust since Hubert Cecil Booth, a Scot, invented the first suction cleaner in 1901.

Dyson\'s appliance does not use bags to collect dust.

My Dyson, who trained in interior design at the Royal College of Art, invented the machine in the 1980s by converting an old vacuum cleaner using pieces of swimming pool hose.

British firms turned him down so the inventor had to go to the United States and Japan to get backing. \"That is the British disease I\'m afraid.\" he said. \"We have a can\'t do attitude, whereas many of our competitors are much more aware of the importance of innovantion.\" But he also had to fight in the American courts to stop others stealing his idea.

This award shows how important design is - the company had a turnover of zero pounds three years ago and has a turnover of 100 million today.


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    "我是愉快的absofutely",戴森先生說。 "為某些事情那用途贏得獎

    技術而不是只看起來好的某些事情。 "

    我的戴森的真空吸塵器標明在反房子灰塵的戰鬥方面的最大的變化, 自從赫伯特‧塞西爾‧布思,一個蘇格蘭人,在1901年發明第一個抽吸清潔工。


    我的戴森,在藝術的王室的學院在內部設計過程中訓練, 透過使用游泳池軟管的碎片轉變一台舊的真空吸塵器在20世紀80年代發明機器。

    英國公司如此拒絕他,發明者必須去美國和日本回來。 "那是英國病我害怕。 "他說。 "我們有一不能做態度,而我們的大多數競爭者更知道innovantion的重要性。 "但是他也必須在美國法庭戰鬥阻止其它人偷他的想法。

    這項獎顯示設計多么重要 - 公司3 年以前有0 磅因的營業額並且今天有1億的營業額。

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    剛剛 看了一下發現是 有關DYSON吸塵器 發明者的相關資訊



    至電 0980358225

    桃園家樂福經國店 洪先生

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