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大意:You and your patener are telling ezch other some of best places you know or you want to visit in the future . Try to make up the conversation for at laeast 3minutes .

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    Sightseeing Tours

    Conversation Between Hugh And Emma-Two Londoners

    Hugh tells Emma about a sightseeing tour of London.

    Hugh: Emma,have you ever been on a sightseeing tour of London?

    Emma: No,I'm from London.I live here.

    Hugh: So am I.But you should go on one of the bus tours.It's fantastic.My friends from China were here last week and we went on a open-top bus.It's a double-decker,but it has no roof.You sit on the top deck and you can see all the sights.I really recommend it.

    Emma: Yes, but…

    Hugh: We saw Trafalgar Square,the Tower of London,Buckingham Palace,Saint Paul's Cathedral…

    Emma: How long was the tour?

    Hugh: Oh ,we took our time.We went on a tour where you can get on and off the bus at different places.We had a ticket that lasts 24 hours.Emma I really,really recommend it .

    Emma: But I'm not a tourist,Hugh .

    Hugh: No ,but you'll learn a lot.For instrance,you know the tower with the clock in Parlianment Square?

    Emma: You mean…Big Ben.Of Course!

    Hugh: No!It's not Big Ben.It's St.Stephen's Tower.The bell is called Big Ben.

    Emma: Really?!

    Hugh: You'll learn a lot.Oh yes,you'll see all the sights including…Bush House.

    Emma: You'll learn a lot.Oh yes,you'll see all the sights including…Bush House.Both The home of BBC World Service!

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