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明天要四技二專考試 有哪些文法記起來會比較有用的

ex:主詞+動詞+後面要接啥+x詞 之類的


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    現在進行式:I'm watching television now.

    過去進行式:I was taking a bath at 9:00 last night.

    未來進行式:I will be studying English at this time tomorrow.

    現在式:He does exercise everyday.

    過去式:She went shopping with her friends yesterday.

    未來式:My brother will leave for Japan tomorrow.

    現在完成式:I've learned English for ten years.

    過去完成式:He had had his lunch.


    祈使命令句:Do your homework right now.

    假設句:If I were you, I would not go out with him.

    被動語態:The man was killed.

    間接問句:Can you tell me what should I do.

    比較級:Tom is taller than my brother.

    最高級:She is the most beautiful girl in this class.

    感嘆句:What a good singer she is.

    分詞構句:Not knowing what to do, she asked for help.

    附加問句:You are a student, aren't you?


    S.+V....I walked slowly.

    S.+V.+O.....I killed him.

    S.+V.+C....I feel tired.

    S.+V.+O.+C....I call him Bob.

    S.+V.+O.+O....I gave him a book.

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