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EX: 麥當勞 I \'d love it

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    1. "Because I'm worth it." L'Oréal

    2. "Reach out and touch someone." AT&T

    3. "Have it your way." Burger King

    4. "Don't be vague. Ask for Haig." Haig Scotch Whisky

    5. "It's everywhere you want to be." Visa

    6. "Heineken refreshes the parts, other beers cannot reach." ; "It's all about the beer" Heineken

    7. "The ultimate driving machine." BMW

    8. "Finger lickin' good." KFC

    9. "Just do it." Nike

    10. "Think small." Volkswagen

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    Allstate: You're in good hands; Wal-Mart: Always low price. Always.; GE: Imagination At Work.; Sprite: Obey your thirst; Chevrolet: An American Revolution; Nissan: Shift; Toyota: Get the feeling; Coca-Cola: Real; Wendy's: It's better hereSource: Can You Name That Slogan? (BusinessWeek)

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    L'Oréal's famous advertising slogan is "Because I'm worth it". It has recently been replaced by "Because you're worth it". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L'Oreal

    Source(s): TV advertisement; 英國Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame, http://www.adslogans.co.uk/hof/2002-27.html 美國商業週刊 http://www.businessweek.com/bwdaily/dnflash/oct200...
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    1. "Just do it!" (Nike)

    2. "Connecting people" (Nokia)

    3. "The ultimate driving machine" (BMW Motors)

    4. "Kee walking" (Johnny Walker)

    5. "Finger-lickin' good" (KFC)

    6. "Obey your thirst" (Sprite)

    7. "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins" (Calvin Klein Underwear)

    8. "The milk chocolate that melts in your mouth - not in your hand" (M&Ms Candy)

    9. "Because your worth it" (Loreal Cosmetics)

    10. "Have it your way" (Burger King)

    11. "Let your fingers do the walking" (Yellow Pages)

    還有, 麥當勞的標語是"I'm lovin' it!"

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    Mc'Donald - I'm lovin' it

    VAIO - no more bounds

    NOKIA -connecting people

    MICROSOFT- Where do you want to go?

    HONDA- the power of dreams

    HSBC - the world's local bank

    APPLE - think inside the box

    Panasonic- ideas for life

    IKEA - affordable solutions for better living

    INTEL- With Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology, entertaiment really comes to life in your lap

    ViewSonic - The Choice of Professionals

    HP- The computer is personal again.

    Take you with you.

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