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翻譯:the fungus has two mating..

The fungus has two mating types, each necessary for the fungus to reduce sexually.


Known as MAT1-1 and MAT1-2 mating types, they are roughly analogous to gender in

大約地 相似的 性

humans, whith one of each type necessary for the fungus to reproduce sexually. Each

mating type produces its own specific pheromone, a chemical that helps attrsct the other.



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    fungus有兩種交配類型, 即MAT1-1與 MAT1-2,大致類似人類有男女兩種性別, 為了進行有性生殖,二者缺一不可. 兩種交配類型都會分泌特殊的化學物質---費洛蒙來吸引"異性(另一種類型).(此亦與人類相似).

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