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Amily asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

辯論題-學生應該有part time job?(反方)

英文辯論課的題目:Students should have a part time job?幫幫忙阿!\"急\"












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  • 2 decades ago
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    Organisations would want their staff members to pay 100 percen particiapition on their judies and also when studying the student should pay 100 percent attention to their studies in order to gain the maximan knowledge and skill. Learning is a life time thing but schools give you the basic tools to start you r life learning.


    The reasons that why students should not have part time jobs are because experiences can also been gain from other resources not just by working in companies. For example, in most universities they are require their students to do some NONE-PAID works and they are good for experience and also it can gain their 社會經驗.


    Nowadays, many ways can be used to organise your finance, such as banking or do some accounting studies.


    Loans are now available in all banks as long as you wish to continue your studies you can always get a loan. And also our government is also providing helps to those families who can not afford to study.


    Again, relationship can be built by many ways not just from working in the industry. For example, sporting clup can develop very good relationship with many people from other areas.

    Onece again, Study is a life time thing, we should concetrate on getting the basic tools first before enter the work place and also the industry is changing fast so you wil never stop learning.

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