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Dear john:不要打我,我想跟你更改見面的地點和時間,因我在台北的行程還未確認,還是依原先的計劃在5月11日在機場大廳見面 ,下午4:00,可以在牌子上註明你和我的名字apple and john,這樣我比較好認,是你本人來嗎?


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    Dear john: Don't hit me , I want to alter the place and time to meet with you, because my journey in Taibei is unacknowledged yet, meeting in the airport hall on May 11 in accordance with the original plans , at 4:00 p.m., can indicate name apple and john of you and me on the brand , in this way I am more easy to admit , is it you that will come ?

    Do I want to ask you to help me to ask was there vacant room of room number 1112 on May 12 in xx hotel in addition? If there is one of them please help me to book in the vacant room , the best can be on the 2nd floor, it is too shy to trouble you.

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    Dear john: Do not hit me, I wants the place and the time which changes

    with you meets, because I had not confirmed in Taibei's travelling

    schedule, or meets according to the original plan in May 11 in the

    airport hall, afternoon 4:00, may indicate you and my name apple and

    john on the sign, like this I quite good recognize, is your comes?

    Moreover I want to ask you to help me to ask a next xx hotel that day

    has room number #11#12 in May 12 the vacant room? If has the vacant

    room to ask you to help me to subscribe down, should better be can in

    2 buildings, embarrassed ~ trouble you ~

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