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    注射空氣 (air embolism):於血管注入空氣會造成動物抽搐、角弓反張,並發出痛苦的 聲音,除非動物已深度麻醉,絕不可單獨使用。1. 注射空气的表现:开始活动增多,呼吸频率加快→继而活动减弱,嘴唇发绀→接着全身抽搐→死亡。2. 剖胸后心腔内的改变:右心房内有泡沫状血液,剪开右心房后有气泡逸出。 讨论与结论(运用所学知识对实验结果进行分析和解释,对实验结果中所能验证的概念、理论,作出简明的概括和总结):   注射的空气进入耳缘静脉以后,迅速到达右心,由于心脏的收缩和舒张,从而将空气和血液搅拌成大量的泡沫血,当心肌收缩时可阻塞肺动脉出口导致猝死(使血液不能到达肺部进行气体交换,从而使机体缺氧→活动增多(烦燥),呼吸加深加快予以代偿→由于是泡沫血→缺氧继续存在→活动减弱,嘴唇发绀,最终致死。 An air embolism, or more generally gas embolism, is a medical condition caused by gas bubbles in the bloodstream. Small amounts of air often get into the blood circulation accidentally during surgery and other medical procedures, but an air embolism which shows symptoms is relatively rare. Large emboli can be rapidly fatal.PathogenesisAir embolism can occur whenever a blood vessel is open and a pressure gradient exists favoring entry of gas. Because the pressure in most arteries and veins is greater than atmospheric, an air embolus does not always happen when a blood vessel is injured. In the veins above the heart, such as in the head and neck, the pressure is less than atmospheric and an injury may let air in. SymptomsSymptoms of an air embolism depend on where the bubbles lodge. They range from skin rashes, joint pain, visual disturbances, balance disturbances, breathing difficulties, extreme fatigue/lack of strength, numbness, paralysis, unconsciousness and death.Avoidance in medicineOne can reduce the risk of air embolism by avoiding unnecessary use of syringes and taking all steps to protect the body, noting that it is important never to inject an air-filled syringe straight into the bloodstream.Gas embolism in divingGas embolism is one of the diving disorders SCUBA divers sometimes suffer when they receive pressure damage to their lungs following a rapid ascent. It is named "gas" because the diver may be using a diving breathing gas other than air. TreatmentRecompression is the only lasting treatment of an air embolism. Normally this is carried out in a recompression chamber.

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