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The projection of a face image into the system of Fisherfaces associated with nonzero

eigenvalues will yield a representation which will emphasise the discriminatory content

of the image. The solution of the generalised eigenvalue problem in Equation 5 is known,

but due to the high dimensionality many standard methods fail and the choice of a stable

numerical algorithm is non-trivial [5]. Figure 1 shows the first few PC and LD basis


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    一個面孔圖像的投射入Fisherfaces 系統與相關非零本徵值將產生將強調圖像的差別對待的內容的表示法。廣義本徵值問題的解答在等式5 知道, 但由於許多標準方法未通過的高幅員並且一種穩定的數字算法的選擇重要[ 5 ] 。圖1 顯示最初的少數個人電腦和LD 依據圖像)

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