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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


All Quiet On The Western Front(西線無戰事)


1. nationalism

2. loss of innocent

3. romance and realism

我要選一個theme寫一篇persuasive essay

每個theme需要3到4個evidence or concrete details來support我的essay

能幫我找這些evidence or concrete detail嗎...謝謝!!

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    自己以前寫的 參考看看吧

    這段應該是loss of innocent

    Paul is unable to remember how he felt in the past due to his horrible experience from the war. When Paul went home from the war field, he cannot believe he was home. He keeps telling himself “You are at home, you are at home.” Paul remains unable to resume his previous relationship with his family. He loses the ability to speak to his family because the war has damaged his innocence and given him a new mindset that his family cannot understand his situation. “But a sense of strangeness will not leave me; I cannot feel at home amongst these things. There is my mother, there is my sister…but I am not myself there.” (p160) Paul mentions that nearly half of his company was killed in the war; this is the reason that makes a distance between his family and himself. It also changes the way he look at his future.


    Briefly, Paul has lost his ability to communicate with his family. He is not brave to look forward at his future without war anymore. His thoughts tell us if soldiers want to survive in wars, they better become “human animal”. Overall, Paul cannot run away from his fate of the death, the war that actually becomes the transformation of the essence of human existence into irrevocable, endless suffering; horrific violence destroyed and ruined Paul’s life and himself long before it kills him.


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