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薩米 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago


幫我翻譯一下>< 禮拜五要用 幫的人我會給20點喔~~ 要翻譯的在下面

我最喜歡的事情就是玩線上遊戲,我每個禮拜都花四個小時玩遊戲,而我最常玩的遊戲名稱叫\"HEAT Project\"。那是一種射擊遊戲。在遊戲裡,我要跟我的隊友一起打敗敵人,以獲得經驗值。玩這個遊戲可以解除我平日的壓力,也可以增進我的團隊精神。對我來說,這是一個百玩不膩的遊戲。

以上就是了 ...


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    2 decades ago
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    My hobby is playing online games. I will spend up to 4 hours every week to play it. The online game I play the most is "HEAT Project". It is a shooting game. In the game, I have to go with my party members to defeat enemies in order to earn experience points. I play this game to relax myself, and develop my teamwork spirit Playing this game will never get me bored.

  • 2 decades ago

    請了解... 同一個字有不同種意思... 電腦翻譯只是取她最常用的意思而已...

  • 2 decades ago

    最佳答案我拿去YAHOO翻譯 他說:

    我的愛好演奏網上遊戲。我將度過4 個小時每個星期演奏它。網上遊戲I 戲劇多數是"熱項目" 。這是射擊的賽。在比賽, 我必須連同我的黨員擊敗敵人為了贏得經驗點。我演奏這場遊戲放鬆自己, 和開發我的配合精神演奏這場遊戲從未將得到我乏味。

    2006-06-22 21:01:27 補充:

    好奇怪喔 跟問題插好多=口=

  • 2 decades ago

    I play the on-line game in favorite thing, I spend four hours playing games each week, and the game name which I play most frequently calls " HEAT Project ". That is a kind of shooting game. In the game, I will defeat the enemy with my teammate, in order to obtain experience value. Playing this game can remove my pressure on ordinary days , can promote my collectivism too. To me, this is that one hundred plays the oiliness game.

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  • 2 decades ago

    The most thing I like to do is play online games. I spend four hours to play the game every week. And I usually play a game that names "HEAT Project". That is one kind of fire game. In the game, I have to beat the enemy with my teammate to earn the empirical points. It can relieve my stresses in the ordinary day by playing this game. And it can also advance my team spirit. For me, this is a game that never make me bored.

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