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請幫忙造句各5句 很急.....拜託早點回我 天空 雲

3.wind 風

4.sunny 晴天

5.sunshine 陽光



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    1-1.There were no clouds in the sky.

    1-2.Birds fly in sky.

    1-3.Can you see those birds high up in the sky?

    1-4.There were heavy clouds in the sky.

    1-5.There are four jets flying in sky.

    2-1.The sky became suddenly covered with dark clouds.

    2-2.A cloud of locusts hit the farm.大群蝗蟲襲擊了那個農場。

    2-3.The sky was a perfect blue - not a cloud in sight.

    2-4.There was so much cloud, we couldn't see anything.

    2-5.Dark clouds massed on the horizon.

    3-1.The north wind is blowing hard.

    3-2.There isn't enough wind to fly a kite.

    3-3.There was a light wind blowing.

    3-4.The sails flapped in the wind.

    3-5.She ran like the wind (= very fast) to catch up.

    4-1.Today is sunny day.

    4-2.I stayed in a sunny room.

    4-3.She had a sunny disposition.

    4-4.We're having the party in the garden, so I'm praying it'll be sunny.

    4-5.In sunny day, we can have a picnic in the park.

    5-1.She sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

    5-2.She is the sunshine of the house.她給全家帶來溫暖,幸福。

    5-3.The child has brought sunshine into the old couple's life.(= made them happy).那個小孩為那對老夫婦生命帶來幸福。

    5-4.The children were out playing in the sunshine.

    5-5.Their grandchildren have brought sunshine into their lives.

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    1. The sky is so blue today.


    2. The shape of clouds on the sky look like a kite.


    3. The wind is blowing.


    4. Today is a sunny day.


    5. I like the sunshine in the afternoon.


    P.S. sunny應該是暖和的 太陽的 是形容詞 不是名詞

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    1.The sky suddenly turned dark.

    2.The sky became suddenly covered with dark clouds.

    3.The north wind is blowing hard.

    4.I stayed in a sunny room.

    5.She sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

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    1The sky is blue.

    2 The cloud is white.

    3 The wind is cool(涼爽的).

    4 Today is sunny.

    5 I like sunshine,air and water.


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