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leaderful organization




可是 一般普通滴字典查無適當翻法



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    近幾年,越來越多老美喜歡當起現代倉頡自創新字,除了碧昂絲自創的Bootylicious被編納到牛津大字典之外,電視/網路公司Comcast最近在電視廣告裏也創了一個新字叫Comcastic,這也是在字典上查不到的呢同樣的道理,leaderful這個字也是某行銷管理大師所創造出來的新字或新書名吧,我查到應是這位Joe Raelin 的書叫做 Creating Leaderful Organizations (Berrett-Koehler, 2003)望文生義不難推測其字義為leader=領導者的原義延伸,加上ful的字尾當做形容詞這個字的定義,大意是指某個機構當中同一時間內的集體領導,相對於傳統領導方式是連續性/單獨性/控制性/沒有感情的,leaderful管理方式是同時的/集體的/合作性的並且具有同情心的:What is the ‘Leaderful’ Concept? (何謂leaderful概念?)In our 21st Century organizations, we are going to need a different brand of leadership than we have had in our prior centuries that featured a mechanical form of organization. Our knowledge-based organizations will require that everyone share the experience of serving as a leader, not sequentially, but concurrently and collectively. In other words, leaders will serve at the same time and all together.(我們這樣以知識為基礎的機構,需要每個人都有像領導人一樣的經驗,並非每個人的經驗是接續性的,而是同時性且全體性的. 換句話說,同一時間裏每個領導人都在領導, 而且一起領導)另一個重點是,並不見得一定要在某某機構當中位居高官才能是leaderful:To be leaderful, you need not be the designated position leader of your organization. If you work with others in any capacity, you are capable of exerting leadership. You don't have to be the CEO or top gun. Managers and employees in teams and organizations might find this account especially useful. Why? We're in an age of lean operations, of doing more with less. But where do we start? How can we become more leaderful? How can we learn to transition from the conventional approach that most of us have grown up with? According to Joe Raelin in his Creating Leaderful Organizations (Berrett-Koehler, 2003), we can all become more leaderful, and fundamental to this shift is our adoption of what he refers to as the four c’s of leaderful practice (see the figure below). In contrast to the traditional tenets of leadership, that leaders are serial, individual, controlling, and dispassionate, in the leaderful organization, leaderful managers are concurrent, collective, collaborative, and compassionate(相對於傳統領導方式是連續性/單獨性/控制性/沒有感情的,leaderful管理方式是同時的/集體的/合作性的並且具有同情心的)

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  • 1 decade ago

    leader是領導者的意思 後面+ful 有這個嗎?


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    恩恩 因為我也不太清楚期待有好的解答^^

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